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DC Sports Nut: Nats, AGAIN??

     Ah, yes. Now it gets harder to write about things on here...

     This group will deal with sports media, and how they basically b.s. the public just as much as the press offices of sports teams do. And, since I do have some experience in radio (brief as it was...2 Sundays worth), I'm a little qualified to talk about this. And, since my Redskins fandom dates back to '67, I'll use them to illustrate my point.

     If you've had the chance to read the "Hail to the Redskins" blog today, you'll see a piece about Jim Zorn. Here's the problem I have with it: Almost verbatim, it's lifted from the Washington Post this morning. Right down to the statements from Dan Snyder. There's a word for that: propaganda.

     So, how does Dan Snyder's propaganda machine actually work? Ahh, follow along, folks. We're about to go to school...

     In addition to being the radio voice of the Redskins, Larry Michael holds a job title within the organization. "President of Media Operations", or something like that. What it means is, it's HIS job to oversee every speck of news to come out of Redskins Park. To wit: He hosts Redskins-controlled programming seen on the Fox-owned station in Washington, the CBS affiliate in DC, and "Redskins Radio" weekdays on Comcast Sports Net/Mid-Atlantic. With me so far?? It gets better...

     Back in 2000, the Redskins website was atrocious (and I'm being kind here). So Dan Snyder decided it needed to be upgraded. Who oversaw the upgrade?? You got it: Comcast in Philadelphia. Ever wonder, Redskin fans, just WHY the pre-season games are on CSN/Mid-Atlantic?? And why the pre- and post-game shows are on there?? This ain't rocket science, people; this is simple fact.

     (Hey, it's not just Washington that gets this treatment. Comcast controls the content for the other NFC East teams' websites as well, plus the programming on CSN/Philadelphia, SNY in New York...even in Dallas/Fort Worth. I'm sure there's others, but it escapes me right now.)

     Still not convinced?? Our next story WILL...

     A few years ago, Snyder decided that the station carrying Redskins games didn't suit him. So, what does Danny Boy do?? What any other meglomaniac would do: buy some radio stations. Former Spanish-language radio stations, with signals so weak you might as well stand under the frickin' transmitter to hear them. Does this deter "the Snyd"?? Hey, what do you think??

     No, he just decides he's gonna take these crap radio stations and mold it into (wait for it, now)..."Redskins Radio". I should say, "Triple-X/ESPN Radio/Redskins Radio". (These stations all have "X" in their call letters, so you know.) Then, he decides to hire John Riggins, the former Redskins HOFer, to be the linchpin of this foray into mind control. Hey, I love Riggo and all,'s still mind control in my eyes.

     (Oh, I neglected to mention that Sonny Jurgensen...who sits along the aforementioned Larry seen during football season on the NBC-owned station in Washington Saturday nights. He's still a god to us Skins fans, but I wish he and Sam Huff had stood up to Snyder when Frank Herzog--the longtime voice on radio for the Skins--was fired by "the Snyd" in 2003. All because Frank dared to speak the truth about how high-heaven-stinky that 2003 team was. Come 2004, the radio booth became part of the owners' box. Coincidence??)

     Anyway, what the hell was I talking about??

     See how simple it is, boys and girls?? A Redskins fan NOT afraid to speak the truth. You're not gonna read this anywhere else in Fannation; you're not gonna hear it anywhere else. And, if I can do this, so can you.

     Just paste this if you can:

     Or, join. I don't care. What's important is, I'm sick of the propaganda being pumped out by the sports world. That's why this group was cut through the b.s. being pumped out.


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