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The NBA Finals don't start until Thursday so no basketball to talk about today, but there is some big baseball news.  The Stack is here to talk about it all and the other top stories (if you missed yesterday's blog, you can find it here), so let's get right to it and see what made "the stack" for today, Wednesday, June 5:

MLB looking to suspend A-Rod, Ryan Braun

Big news in the baseball world yesterday and it was nothing done on the diamond.  Tony Bosch, founder of the famous Biogenesis of America lab that multiple MLB players went to, is squeeking and talking to Major League Baseball, cooperating with their performance-enhancing drug scandal according to ESPN's Outside the Lines.  His testimony will help fuel MLB's decision to suspend the players involved and they are heavily pursuing throwing the book at two big names in particular...Alex Rodriguez and Ryan Braun.  Major League Baseball will look to suspend both Rodriguez and Braun for 100 games, the penalty for a second doping offense.  MLB's reasoning is that the two players already lied about their use to baseball officials so that would bypass the first penalty of 50 games according to a source.  This is not good for Rodriguez, Braun and the other players named in the casce.  This would be the largest performance-enhancing suspension laid down in American sports history.  Go for it.  If the players cheated, they have to do the time for their crime.  Baseball has developed the best drug testing program and it may be coming to fruition right here.  For Bosch to start talking now obviously is an attempt not to go to jail or avoid criminal charges.  Don't know if he'll be able avoid that completely, but him talking is bad news for any baseball player associated with the lab.  There is much more to this story that has left to be told.  Surely we'll find out more in the coming days.


Kings make it a series with the Blackhawks

The NHL western conference finals have certainly gotten more interesting now.  Home cooking, or more specifically home ice, appeared to be all the Los Angeles Kings needed as they won 3-1 last night against the Chicago Blackhawks to get right back into the series.  They trail 2-1 in the series, but they needed to win just to have a shot of winning the series.  Jonathan Quick made some phenominal saves including one late in the third period that kept the score 2-1 until the Kings added an empty net goal late.  The Kings are now 8-0 at the Staples Center and 1-7 on the road.  They will not win this series unless they win a game in Chicago though.  At least for one day though, the Kings have fought their way back into the series, but they must win game four to put the pressure on the Blackhawks.  

Tonight, game 3 of the eastern conference finals take place.  The Boston Bruins lead the series 2-0.  They can put the Penguins in a ton of trouble with a win tonight.

Pittsburgh Penguins @ Boston Bruins 8 PM ET NBCSN 


Roger Federer ousted at the French Open

Roger Federer, who has made it to more French Open quarterfinals than anyone in history will not be advancing any further following his straight set loss to Frenchman and crowd favorite Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, an upset that puts Tsonga into the semi-finals in what will be a huge match filled with a ton of crowd support for the Frenchman.  Federer just never had it yesterday.  He mishit several shots very badly and even got hit by one of Tsonga's shots.  When have you seen Federer ever not get his racket out for a shot before?  It doesn't happen very often.  Assuming they both win and advance, can you imagine what kind of men's final it would be if Tsonga plays Rafael Nadal?  It would be one amazing match.  Getting down to the final matches in the French Open and it is getting good.


Coming up Thursday: Hockey talk, NBA Finals preview and maybe some thoughts on the circus in Big D.


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