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Again, there was a prety significant headline from the sports world yesterday.  The Stack is here to talk about it plus a couple of other stories so let's get right to it and see what made "the stack" for today, Wednesday, July 3:

First no-no this year in baseball

It took until July 2, but finally, Major League Baseball saw its first no hitter of the 2013 season and it came from the guy who last pitched a no-hitter in 2012.  Homer Bailey of the Cincinnati Reds dominated, pitching the no-hitter in the Reds 3-0 win over the San Francisco Giants.  According to STATS, the last pitcher to throw two no-hitters before anyone else was Nolan Ryan back in 1974 and 1975.  Bailey needed just 109 pitches to complete the no-hitter while recording nine strikeouts.  The Giants didn't have someone on base until the seventh inning when Bailey walked Gregor Blanco to lead off the inning.  Overall, he pitched a brilliant game.  With two no-no's on his resume now, you have to wonder if he will ever get a third.  The odds are certainly against him.  Seven no-hitters were thrown last season and by this time in July, we had already seen five no-hitters so this is a tad strange.  Or maybe it's normal.  Last year was a record.  Hitters are getting better.  Pitching seems to be just as strong.  Wonder who the next pitcher will be to throw a no-hitter or a perfect game this year.


Trade highlights day two of NBA free agency 

Eric Bledsoe's name had been mentioned in trade talks earlier when the Los Angeles Clippers were talking to the Boston Celtics about getting head coach Doc Rivers.  He didn't go.  We know now though that Bledsoe still won't be with the Clippers following a three team trade that sends Bledsoe and Caron Butler to the Phoenix Suns.  The Clippers receive J.J. Redick from Milwaukee and Jared Dudley from Phoenix while the Bucks receive a second round pick from each team.  Bledsoe was a hot commodity, considered to be one of the best point guards not in a starting lineup.  He will definitely help the Suns.  This move however speaks to Rivers and his vision of how the Clippers will be western conference champions.  Don't know if it will come to fruition next year, but Rivers clearly knows what he is doing.  Expect more moves from the Clippers.


And in NHL free agency news, one of, if not thee biggest name in the free agency pool was former Tampa Lightning center Vincent Lecavalier.  The Philadelphia Flyers wound up being the big winners, landing Lecavalier for five years worth $22.5 million.  The Flyers failed to make the postseason last year.  The eastern conference will be difficult this year with the addition of Detroit so Philly knew they had to make a big splash.  They certainly did with this pick.  Lecavalier is a star and he will put the puck in the back of the net.  Great move by the Flyers.


In case there is no blog tomorrow or Friday, The Stack wishes everyone a safe and happy 4th of July.  Celebrate our independence.  


Coming up later: Top headlines from the sports world


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