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Greivis Vasquez will benefit from the Kings big inside guys( if they all stay):

Cousins 6'11" 270 +

Thompson 6'11" 255+

Patterson 6'9" 240+

Johnson: 6'9" 248+

All but one in double figures, Johnson averaged eight points per games. Vasquez will not have the pressure he had to endure in New Orleans. Let me explain.

When a team played the Pelicans there were a few things that even your church basketball league coach would know:

1) They had no power game, they were soft inside and could be moved out easily.

2) They were a one trick pony, everything and I mean everything that work well for them went through the PG Vasquez.

3) They also know that if they pressure Vasquez they could win because on most nights he was virtually on his own, there was ZERO help on this team, many times they stood around looking lost.

If you are curious and have nothing to do (I did) look at the winning percentage when Vasquez started then look at the stats when he was on the bench, in fact I remember double-digit leads lost on a consistent basis when Vasquez was on the bench. Again, without Vasquez this team struggled for an identity.

I'm not a coach, just a big fan but if I was coaching against New Orleans last season, even with my limited knowledge I could have been successful by just understanding the concept of going for the head of the snake, the head was Vasquez.

To get to the Pelicans all you had to do is stop Vasquez, it was that simple.

All of the negative talk about turn overs and poor dribbling and all the other faults, too many to mention here, my God you think the guy was bum, are a direct consequence of Monty Williams putting this kid in an impossible system, Vasquez was asked to do too much with mostly lower tier NBA players.

Monty's play book put too much pressure on Greivis Vasquez, it was hard for Vasquez to play his game and the fact that he is slower than the average bear made it even harder, ans yet he exceeded everyone's expectations just as he did at Maryland where he improved every year, his NBA career mirrors that exact pattern , look for an improved Vasquez next season.

The kings will be great for Vasquez, don't know if he will be a starter but in today's NBA that doesn't mean much , he will still get about 30 minutes rather than being used up (in the forties) as Monty did, I guess you figured out by now that I'm not big Monty fan. Sometimes I think I understand what he is trying to do, sometimes I don't, maybe he is just too smart for the average fan.

I'm always on the web reading comments from fans and writing crazy blogs, I often visited a New Orleans Pelican fan site, honestly folks I don't remember fans in any sport who from day one wanted to replace a player and bad mouth him in the presses.

Grieves Vasquez is a very intelligent guy that has a great understanding of the game, very well liked by most of his teammates, the captain of the Pelicans and gave all he had to the fans, night in and night out and still many Pelican fans had something negative to say.

Maybe he was just not"BAD ENOUGH" for some New Orleans fan.

I'm sure Vasquez is very thankful to be going into a situation were he will play with a good mix of experience and young players. If rookie McLemore is half as good as the hype this could be a very good team soon.

The Pelicans have a top line backcourt now, the oposition wont be able to concentrate in one guy, in my humble opinion they are a true center and a power forward away from a top half team.

The most important think in New Orleans is that most fans are happy that Vasquez is out, he was just too slow, can't dribble, can't hit a jumper, takes too much space on the bench, can't talk right and on and on as I said before if you read all those posts you think the guy is a bum.

Let just say New Orleans he a very good basketball player and a better human being. We can all agree on that.

As always this is just a fans opinion and I understand everybody has one and I'm thankful for that.


Enough said.


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