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The Stack is here on this Tuesday with a brief blog today.  Not a ton going on, but there are a couple of headlines so let's get right to it and see what made "the stack" for today, Tuesday, July 9:

Home Run Derby set

The MLB All-Star game is next Tuesday at Citi Field in New York (Mets are hosting) and one of the marquee events of the all-star festivities is the home run derby Monday night.  We now know most of the participants in the event.  New York Yankees second baseman Robinson Cano (AL) and New York Mets third baseman David Wright (NL) are the captains in this year's derby.  They've selected their teams which include...

American League                                                                 

  • Robinson Cano-NY Yankees (Captain)
  • Prince Fielder-Detroit Tigers
  • Chris Davis-Baltimore Orioles
  • TBD  

National League

  • David Wright-NY Mets (Captain)
  • Bryce Harper-Washington Nationals
  • Carlos Gonzalez-Colorado Rockies
  • Michael Cuddyer-Colorado Rockies

Out of all participants in the field, there are two names that are very intriguing.  The biggest one is Harper.  He's a young, soon to be superstar if he isn't one already.  He has a lot of power and very well could win the derby.  The other intriguing player is Davis.  He leads baseball right now in homeruns with 33 homeruns.  He's got a sweet swing and you just hope that the home run derby doesn't take his rhythm away from him as we've seen from other players in the second half of the season when they've been leading the league in homeruns.  Monday night is going to be very interesting.


Victor Cruz, Giants agree to deal

The New York Giants and wide receiver Victor Cruz have finally stopped playing cat and mouse games and agreed to a new contract for the NFL star.  It's a six-year extension worth $46 million that includes a $9.5 million signing bonus.  Really it's a two-year deal with one-year options each year after that.  The Giants made a smart decision by signing Cruz to that extension.  He in a way has taken the NFL by storm with his salsa dancing, but he's very productive when he's ont he field and a model citizen off of it.  In the last two years (really all of the years that matter to the four-year pro) Cruz has reeled in 168 catches for 2,628 yards and 19 touchdowns.  He's got the explosive speed to take it the distance and he's a tough guy.  Cruz is definitely one of the top ten receivers in the game today.  New York needed to get a new deal done with him and they did.  Expect that at some point they address Hakeem Nicks' contract as well.  Nicks has been very productive for them as well.  He's had some injury issues, but he helps provide the Giants and quarterback Eli Manning a one-two punch at wide receiver.  Nicks and Cruz and big weapons for the Giants offense.  They need to take care of both of them.


Finally before I go, kudos to New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft for taking some time (against the advice of his general council mind you) to talk with ESPNBoston, the Boston Globe and the Boston Herald yesterday regarding former Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez.  He said the Patriots were "duped" by Hernandez and expressed remorse to Patriot nation for letting this happen.  Major ups to Kraft for expressing some thoughts on this tragic situation.  It's a move like this that makes Kraft one of the most well-liked and well-respected owners in the NFL.


Coming up later this week: Reaction to top sports headlines/stories


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