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I understand that republishing an old article is a no-no, but I'm a blogger and those rules don't apply to us.

Ryan Newman's performance last Sunday at New Hampshire encouraged me to dig into my old articles, I found one that proves people never change. I'll quote the great Popeye the sailor "I yam what i yam and that's all that I yam"

In summation to last Sunday's race, the Busch brothers had racing issues with Mr. Newman, he actually wrecked Kurt.

Here is a post race quote from Kyle Busch:

"I really hated that Kurt got tore up, I felt like he had the best car. And was proud of them guys but, man, just stupidity. I mean Ryan Newman's the biggest stupid idiot out here, and he's a big ogre and can do whatever he wants because he can probably kick anybody's butt. So no sense in getting in a fight with him, but glad he's out of a job."

All is well with that statement except the one "glad he's out of a job" not appropriate, sorry Kyle, I love you man but celebrating the fact that a man with a family lost his job shows ZERO  trace of being a gentleman, and I'm taking the high road on that comment, one more thing my friend, that apology was weak at best.

Just my opinion!

Having said that, facts are that Newman is not a very nice man on the track, he is a hard racer but the experts say that he likes to take but gives nothing.

Here is an article I wrote July3 2012, not much has changed since folks, the song remains the same:

Ryan Newman: An inconsiderate driver or just a bully

Does this guy have any friends?

ESPN's Ed Hinton on NASCAR NOW called Ryan Newman the most inconsiderate driver in NASCAR.

I think by now we have all figured that out, Mr. Newman will not win a popularity contest among his fellow drivers.

Ryan Newman is a hard racer, no crime in that, he doesn't give anybody an inch but expects a mile from others.

He reminds me of the weight lifting bully, you know the ones, don't you, that guy with the steroid looking body who thinks he can intimidate everybody.

He got into Logano's face last year, the poor kid looked scared to death by the chest heaving Mr. Newman, Joey was a teenager for Gods sake, A KID.

Love to see Ryan Newman get into it with Mr. Edwards, I bet he be singing a different tune.

He also got into it with Juan Pablo Montoya, Mr. Newman allegedly punched Juan Pablo during a meeting with NASCAR, according to reports Ryan got fined 50,000 dollars.

Because  Ryan Newman was the only one fined for that incident I assumed he punched Juan Pablo without provocation. Just guessing.

Ryan Newman's latest incident has spilled over to his crew who made it very clear they wanted to kick Kurt's **** for a incident on pit row, and to add insult to injury Kurt apparently bumped Newman's car after the race.

I have to agree that was wrong, but lets not forget about Mr. Newman's recent history of "EMOTIONAL INBALANCE" here is a quote from Mr. Newman on the incident with Kurt.

"it's easy to say that Kurt blew a fuse again. I'm not sure why he did it and tried to run over our guys and NASCAR officials. And nobody is. I think the chemical imbalance chemical imbalance speaks for itself. Kurt drilled me in pit lane and said that he was taking his helmet off, and he didn't see where he was going. I'm pretty sure there were 42 other guys that are taking their helmets off and doing whatever for the last 10 years, and that's the first time that's happened to me.......Circumstances I think are that he lied and was so frustrated that he doesn't know how to deal with his anger."

Oh well, can we say the pot calling the kettle black, chemical imbalance indeed Mr. Newman along with some heavy dose of  full of oneself.

If there is anything positive we can say about Newman is that in this SANITIZED NASCAR ENVIRONMENT he is one of the few DRIVERS that keeps us entertained.

Just saying.

As always this is just a fans opinion and from what I understand everybody has one and I thank God for that.

Enough said.

NOTE: let me make something clear, I don't know Mr. Newman personally, I would bet anything he is a great family guy and a good person , but I'm NOT talking about his personal life, I'm talking about his racing life,you know, after he puts on his helmet.

July 19, 2013  08:21 AM ET

Except you are glossing over the fact that Kyle Busch was not involved in the incident whatsoever and at that point hadn't seen a replay (my assumption since he just got out of the car). Replays clearly show Kurt getting into Newman after either being hit by Matt Kenseth or had the air taken off the rear of the car. Newman in this incident was an innocent bystander who got tagged from behind.

So what if Newman got a little rough with Kyle earlier in the race? Kyle has done the same with other drivers and that's ok, yet do the same to him and it's a travesty that NASCAR should be throwing penalties for. Kyle may think he is a gift to racing but put him in similar equipment to other drivers and he is just a regular driver who needs to step down to other series to keep up his inflated ego.

July 19, 2013  09:56 AM ET

I don't disagree with you but I seen it another way... I'll look at the clip again today and get back to you. I do like Kyle because in a sport (as I always say) that is filled with sanitized characters he provides entertainment as does Newman and there is no denial that both are winners and great drivers.
We can agree on that...maybe

July 20, 2013  03:06 PM ET

I don't see Newman as unbalanced......he does have a temper but so do all the other drivers.
I think Newman has handled himself well in many incidents, especially when he ends up with another car on top of his.......I can understand Newman responding to Kyle......sometimes it is just too tempting........the job comment was a low blow and yes, his apology was lame.

I mostly agree with your #1 comment......the exception is Kyle's driving......I think he is an excellent driver, in spite of his ego issues.

Btw it was Kenseth who hit Kurt from behind (not intentionally).......not Newman......although there were earlier bumpings between Ryan and Kurt.

July 22, 2013  11:19 AM ET

Raistwalker:I mostly agree with your #1 comment......the exception is Kyle's driving......I think he is an excellent driver, in spite of his ego issues.

If he were an excellent driver then he should be able to sit in any car and win races. Yet last year he ran Trucks and NW with his own team and won nothing, and was barely in contention. This year he crawled back to Daddy Joe and has won 7 out of 14 races in NW.

Matt Kenseth, for example, has been a Top 10 driver most of his career. He could take a bad qualifying position and turn it into a decent "where did he come from?" finish. Now this year he is in new equipment racing the wheels off everyone not named Jimmie Johnson, and arguably out racing him too, while his replacement in the 17 has less Top 10 finishes than She Who Will Not Be Named.


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