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The Stack is here on this Monday fresh off of a great weekend which included three final training camp preview in a blog on Saturday.  Now it's time to get to the other top stories from the weekend in "the stack" for today, Monday, July 29:

NFL injuries galore first few days of camp

Every year there are certain injuries in the NFL season that just can't be helped.  They can be devastating for a team regardless of when they happen.  When the injury happens in training camp, it is especially frustrating.  Several NFL teams have lost key contributors already after only a few days of training camp.

The Philadelphia Eagles most likely have lost wide receiver Jeremy Maclin for the season following a torn ACL suffered Saturday in practice.  He went down to the ground writhing in pain and immediately it did not look good.  Big blow for both Maclin and the Eagles.  The Eagles were planning on using Maclin a lot more this year, he was going to be more of a focal part of their offense.  Losing him is a big blow to their team.  It hurts Maclin even more as he was set to become a free agent after this year.  That lucrative big deal he would be seeking most likely will not come as teams will be leery of shelling out a lot of money to a guy who just came off of a torn ACL.  He may still get paid or it may come the year after, but it's still not good for either Maclin or the Eagles.

The Super Bowl champion Baltimore Ravens have lost a significant weapon on offense for the year.  Tight end David Pitta is done following a dislocated and fracture hip he suffered Saturday at practice when he collided with safety James Ihedigbo in the end zone going for a pass from Joe Flacco.  The Ravens already lost Anquan Boldin in free agency to the San Francisco 49ers.  Losing Pitta certainly will hurt this offense.  The team signed Visanthe Shiancoe to a one-year deal on Sunday.  He won't be David Pitta, but he is a solid and sound tight end who will be able to help provide Flacco another weapon on offense.

The Denver Broncos are scrambling now following losing their center Dan Koppen to a torn ACL suffered in 9-on-7 drills Sunday.  Koppen is a pretty big loss for the team as he started twelve games last year when the Broncos other center J.D. Walton had ankle surgery.  Walton still hasn't recovered yet from that ankle surgery which is why Koppen is with the Broncos.  Being the center for a team with Peyton Manning on it is awfully important and losing Koppen is a big loss.  Koppen played for the New England Patriots for nine years and for Tom Brady so he knows how to play for superstar quarterbacks.  Now the Broncos have to figure out if Manny Ramirez (not the baseball one) will be suitable to take over the snapping duties until Walton is ready or if they will have to go out and get someone on the free agent market.  Not good for a team with as lofty goals and expectations as the Broncos have.


Jeter returns, homers on first pitch

Welcome back number 2, Derek Jeter.  The New York Yankees shortstop returned to the team following a brief stint on the DL following a strained quad and wouldn't you know it, but Jeter homered on his very first at-bat Sunday against the Tampa Bay Rays.  And it happened on the first pitch he saw too.  That set the tone for the Yankees as they avoided a sweep and beat the Rays 6-5.  Jeter's return certainly will spark the Yankees, but do they have enough to catch the teams in front of them in the AL East?  Don't think so.  Having said that, it won't be too surprising if the Yankees do take off and make a run led by Jeter.  


Pujols to DL, may be out for season

One team with huge expectations this year (I had them in the World Series), the Anaheim Angels, have lost a big player on their team as Albert Pujols is going to the DL due to a torn ligament in his left foot that has been bothering him for quite some time.  You can tell most notably when he runs and the injury will most likely end his season and raise significant questions about his longterm future and his level of play.  It's a partially torn plantar fascia.  Pujols was in the second year of a ten-year deal he signed with the Angels and so far the signing has been anything but good as the Angels haven't made the playoffs and this year have been the biggest disappointment in baseball.  A lineup with Mike Trout, Pujols and Josh Hamilton should't be struggling like they are, but the pitching staff also hasn't lived up to expecations either.  Bad year all around for the Angels and losing Pujols likely will only make things worse.


Before we go, congrats to team USA for winning the CONCACAF Gold Cup in soccer following their 1-0 win over Panama.  Perhaps head coach Jurgen Klinsmann is the right man to help the US win the World Cup.  It didn't look good early on, but now Klinsmann and the US are rolling and can take that confidence as they start gearing up for the World Cup next year.


Coming up tomorrow: Latest top stories and headlines from the sports world.


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