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It's already the last day of July and NFL training camps are in full swing, but training camp isn't the only item making headlines across the sports world.  The Stack is here to talk about some of the happenings in camp, but also around the sports landscape so let's get right to it and see what made "the stack" for today, Wednesday, July 31:

Harvin to have surgery

The second opinion Seattle Seahawks receiver Percy Harvin saught on his hip turned out to bring bad news for him and the team.  After visiting with Dr. Bryan Kelly in New York, it is determined that Harvin must have surgery on his hip to a torn labrum and will be out until at least November.  Given what the Seahawks gave up for Harvin in terms of draft compensation and a new deal, this is a big deal that the Seahawks lose Harvin for a significant chunk of the season.  Harvin is one of, if not thee most dynamic wide receiver in the game.  He can go all over the field and the Seahawks were going to have a dynamite offense with Harvin in the lineup.  They still will have a good offense, but there is no way around it that not having Harvin will hurt them.  With the 49ers losing wide receiver Michael Crabtree to a torn Achilles in offseason workouts, each of the top two teams in NFC West have lost possibly their best receivers.  The Seahawks are a favorite to make it to the Super Bowl by some people.  How they respond early in the season to not having Harvin will tell us a lot about whether or not they will be in New York in February.  The Minnesota Vikings are looking a little better right now for trading Harvin.


An NBA and an MLB trade on the same day

The trade which happened in major league baseball was widely expected as the trade deadline approaches, but the trade that made waves around the national basketball association was more surprising.  In the NBA, the Milwaukee Bucks traded starting point guard Brandon Jennings to their division counterpart Detroit Pistons for guard Brandon Knight, forward Khris Middleton and center Viacheslav Kravtsov.  Jennings was widely considered to be an important part of the Bucks offseason plans, but it seems as though it became apparent to them that Jennings was not going to be happy staying in Milwaukee.  Trading him to the Pistons is a bit perplexing though.  Jennings will have a direct impact against his former team since they will be playing against each other a handful of times during the regular season.  Unless the Bucks know something about Jennings that the Pistons don't, this move trade could come back to haunt the Bucks.  Milwaukee is clearly thinking long term with this trade, getting young players in return for Jennings.  They are also building a foundation for future success for the team.  Detroit is looking to win now and make a triumphant return to the postseason which they have not been to in four years.  Detroit also got Josh Smith from Atlanta in free agency and added Chauncey Billups.  This trade certainly aides them in that quest to return to the playoffs.

In baseball, the Boston Red Sox attempted to boost their chances of making the playoffs by trading for Chicago White Sox pitcher Jake Peavy.  It's a three-team trade including the Detroit Tigers who will get infielder Jose Iglesias from the Red Sox.  The White Sox get Avisail Garcia from Detroit as well as a couple of other minor leaguers.  The White Sox are going nowhere.  They had to dump Peavy.  The Red Sox, still perhaps reeling from their loss to the Rays the previous night, are trying to send a message with this trade that they are still right in contention for the AL East title and that they expect to win the division.  They've been rocked by injuries to their bullpen and starting lineup so this is a big addition.  Good trade for the Red Sox.


 Johnny Manziel's parents worry

In an interview with ESPN the Magazine, Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel's parents are worried about him.  The piece is well worth a read and one thing that really stands out is that Manziel's dad thinks that his son is drinking to handle stress and that he worries he will one day get a call that his son is in jail.  The whole article is well worth a read.  Manziel has certainly created a stir this offseason making headlines almost weekly and really none of them are terrible, but Manziel has made enough bad decisions to make people question his maturity and whether or not he's ready for the NFL.  He's under a microscope, but you expect that because he's a Heisman Trophy winner.  He's also only 20 years old.  Manziel has a life to live.  He just needs to be more aware that his every move will be watched and scrutinized because of what he did last year and because of who he is.  But it's clear that everything that has gone on since he won the Heisman in December is worrying those closest to him who love him dearly.  Perhaps he needs to listen to their advice a little more closely.


Coming up Thursday: Reaction to top stories in sports 


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