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The Stack is here on this Friday with not a whole lot to talk about.  Yes, Riley Cooper is still in the news, as is A-Rod.  We'll touch on both of those briefly plus another headline or two so let's get right to it and see what made "the stack" for today, Friday, August 2:

Alabama number one in preseason coaching poll

College football is less than a month away and USA Today released their preseason coaching poll yesterday and surpris, surprise, guess who is number one?  Alabama.  The defending national champions return a strong group and many starters.  Head coach Nick Saban is a master recruiter and has more terrific talent coming in.  So it should come as no shock that the Crimson Tide are number one.  Following them is Ohio State led by Urban Meyer.  The Buckeyes went undefeated last year, but were postseason ineligible so in some respects they were an afterthought to people.  This year, they shouldn't be.  Meyer is a talented coach and he can recruit (although as we've seen at Florida and now Ohio State, his players find trouble).  In a fairly weak Big Ten, they could lose one game, but who would that be to? Michigan? Possibly.  Three and four come from the Pac-12 in Oregon and Stanford.  Oregon may have lost head coach Chip Kelly to the NFL, but their offense is just as good and will remain that way and thanks to not being punished too severly by the NCAA for recruiting infractions, they have tremendous talent and won't feel those effects.  Stanford plays great defense and has shown the past few years just how good they are.  They won the Rose Bowl last year.  No reason why they won't be in discussion for the game again or the national championship.  To round out the top five, Georgia returns quarterback Andy Murray and this team is the one to watch out for in the SEC this year.  They were close to beating Alabama last year.  That left a bad taste in their mouths.  They'll fight tooth and nail with Bama this year and it would not be shocking to see them in the national championship game this year.

The full coaches poll can be found here.  Football season is almost here.  It's going to be a lot of fun.


Riley Cooper fallout

Media swarmed to Philadelphia Eagles training camp yesterday, waiting to speak with players and coaches over what wide receiver Riley Cooper said to them and their reaction to his use of the "n word" which he was caught on tape saying at a Kenny Chesney concert in June.  Clearly it is a sensative subject.  It's a terrible word and should never be said.  Eagles running back LeSean McCoy's answer probably stood out the most because it undoubtably is what a lot of Eagles teammates feel.  McCoy said he could forgive Cooper, but, "can't really respect someone like that."  It is going to be uncomfortable in the locker room for Cooper throughout much of the year.  The Eagles should probably suspend him.  Or the NFL should.  A fine seems like he is getting off too easy.  One way or the other, this isn't the last time we'll be talking about this story I feel.  More players will speak their mind.  It should be noted that Cooper will attend sensativity training and fully accepts it.  Let's hope he fully understands what he has done.


A-Rod settlement not close

Though MLB and Alex Rodriguez are talking about a settlement in the Biogenesis case, reports surfaced Thursday night that talks are stalling and the two sides aren't all that close.  We keep hearing that anyday, anytime now that baseball will come out with its punishment against Rodriguez and presumably the rest of the players in the Biogenesis case.  This keeps getting dragged out and everyone is getting very tired of hearing about it.  Perhaps I'm being hypocritical by talking about it here, but I promise that won't continue until a punishment is announced.  This whole saga is downright stupid and needs to end now.  Baseball has too much going for them this season with great games and comebacks like the Boston Red Sox last night who came back from being down 7-2 in the 9th inning to beat the Seattle Mariners 8-7.  What a terrific comeback!  The Pittsburgh Pirates are playing the best baseball they've played in 20 years.  And yet this Biogenesis cloud hangs over the sport.  Be gone and let the sun shine through on the game itself.  Get the suspensions done and do it yesterday.


Coming up Monday: Reaction to top sports stories and headlines from the weekend


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