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I still haven't visited the new SI website devoted entirely to the NFL, Peter King's Monday Morning Quarterback site.

Is it an understandable development in a media that is finding that there is no end to the public's apetite for information about the League and its players? Certainly.

Is it the first sign of the NFL's apocalypse? Probably.

But I still find myself resenting it.


First, because its creation has meant that King's enjoyable column, the original Monday Morning Quarterback column, is almost impossible to find in its entirety. It's highly likely that I'm just too incomptetent technically to be able to find it but I have only found my way into bits of it at a time since the new website was established.

Second, because the site is creating an absurd amount of copy about an already over-exposed League. I mean, who cares if Colin Kaepernick cares what I think of his tattoos? Who cares if Bill Belichick says "Bless You" when somebody sneezes?

Third, because this new deluge of information about the NFL has created the opportunity for even more people to complain that their team isn't getting enough exposure compared to everyone else's team. Quit your whining, folks. EVERY team is already getting too much coverage.

What troubles me most is that King's website is significant evidence in support of my belief that the NFL is no longer about football but about the lives of the people involved in it. That no one really cares anymore what happens on Sunday (or Monday and now Thursday nights) but only who is sleeping with whom, who's making racist comments and who is moving up the depth charts six weeks before the season begins.

The popularity of the NFL and the media coverage of it has made it just another reality TV show, with weekly immunity challenges and a bunch of teams voted off the island at the end of the regular season, followed by weekly elimination challenges thereafter. We only care who wins or loses these challenges because it will impact what characters continue in the spotlight for another week.

Pretty soon we'll be asked to vote for who stays and who goes in the NFL playoffs, rather than letting the contests themselves decide it. (Or is that the Pro Bowl?)

So I guess I'm resenting the new King-Dumb because it is proof positive that the NFL, as a sports league, is dying and the NFL, as a reality TV show, is all too alive and gathering strenth.

August 7, 2013  07:45 PM ET

I agree with a lot of what your saying, it seems lately the paid mouth pieces on ESPIN care more about dirt and "stories" than the game they are calling, and it is not just ESPIN.

Personally I do not watch any type of pre-game show, living on the Best Coast allows me to just wake up and turn on the games, they start at 9:am Saturdays and 10:am on Sunday. The people that enjoy the endless hype (they must exist but I do not know any) probably like the stories about drunk driving, wife beaters, gun nuts etc.

Please don't get me started on all the cr@p on the screen with the perpetual scroll to more info than anyone possibly needs, that garbage is great if you in a bar at the airport between flights but just how many time must they run the same dumb story over and over again, and of course we must know what the early 1st quarter score is in the NBA game, Lakers 4 Celtics 2, yeah that's for that all important 'breaking news'.

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