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Due to more computer issues (I need a new computer), The Stack was unable to post on Friday.  While this seems like it happens more regularly, you're right, it does.  Today is not one of those days though and The Stack is here to talk about the big events from this past weekend so let's get right to it and see what made "the stack" for today, Monday, August 12:

Jason Dufner wins PGA Championship

When you have a name like Dufner, golf either is or is not your sport.  You either have it or you don't.  Sunday, two years after losing in a playoff in the PGA Championship, Jason Dufner won the PGA Championship at Oak Hill Country Club with a score of ten under (-10).  It is Dufner's first major victory.  His second round 63, a tie for the best round in a major championship, really propeled his chances entering the weekend.  Dufner did not back down even though folks like Jim Furyk and Henrik Stenson made him work for it.  Even though he bogeyed the final two holes, he was comfortably ahead where it wouldn't hurt him.  Dufner has been a very good player throughout his career, coming close in a major a couple of times, most notably in the PGA Championship two years ago.  Dufner's second round will be talked about for a long time in golf circles and he didn't let that record setting round distract from the big picture and goal at hand.  That's why he is a major winner today.

When you look at the top three finishers, you notice that top players in the game are absent.  Adam Scott was right near the top for a while, but he fell off to a tie for fifth, five strokes back of Dufner.  Tiger Woods once again came up empty in a major, finishing the tournament at four over (+4).  He cruised to victory last weekend, but for some reason, he is struggling bad in the majors.  That's got to be a big concern for him, because that is what Woods is judged on and he is vying to beat Jack Nicklaus' majors record of 18.  Not looking very good right now.  Phil Mickelson, your 2012 British Open Championship winner finished twelve over.  Perhaps that win across the pond took away some of his focus.  Not to worry though.  He'll get it back.  That real question is Tiger.  When Tiger is on his game, golf is doing good.  Now that some players like Scott and Mickelson are playing consistent and near the top, that will help golf, but until someone like Rory McIlroy picks up his game and his potential, golf won't do very well with guys like Dufner and Furyk up there.  Dufner is a name most golf fans will know even if they only watch a little bit of golf.  That's not enough though to bring in the common viewer however.

Congrats again to Dufner though for playing some sensational golf throughout the weekend and winning his first major.  There may be another one or two in the future for him.


NFL Week 1 Preseason Thoughts

Week 1 of the NFL preseason is in the books and while it very difficult to conclude much of anything in the preseason about teams, especially week 1, there are a few storylines that came through the first week:

  • The Packers cannot lose Aaron Rodgers.  Their other three quarterbacks were dreadful in the Green Bay Packers 17-0 loss to the Arizona Cardinals.  Combined, they went 15 for 29 for 98 yards, one interception and one fumble.  Both turnovers were at the hands of backup quarterback Graham Harrell and Vince Young just got to the team, but the Packers won't make the playoffs if Rodgers gets injured and misses significant time early in the season.
  • It's going to be a long year in Jacksonville.  The Jaguars offense, it's, it's it's not, what is the word I'm looking for...good.  Blaine Gabbert was pretty atrocious and the offense overall had a tough night with four turnovers.  Again it's only preseason, but given the quarterback battle between the incumbant Gabbert and Chad Henne, the Jaguars won't find themselves winning too many games this year.
  • Tom Brady is still Tom Brady.  Brady was up to his normal self in the New England Patriots 31-22 preseason win over the Philadelphia Eagles (Chip Kelly's offense looked like it will make things difficult for opposing defenses too).  Brady was 7 for 8 for 65 yards and a touchdown.  Given all of the new wide receivers and tight ends Brady has to learn to throw to, you would expect perhaps a small step back.  Brady will turn these guys into stars and household names...if he hasn't done so already.
  • C.J. Spiller will be a dominant fantasy player.  Though he played only a couple of series and had a fumble, Spiller showed in Buffalo's 44-20 win over Indianapolis why the team wants to get him the ball until he, "throws up."  Spiller is very electrifying.  He had two great runs to get the Bills out of bad field position.  The only problem for the Bills will be if they can keep giving it to Spiller when they are trailing by more than three possessions at halftime.
  • Quarterbacks and first team players played longer.  Perhaps it is becauase of the limited practice time.  Maybe it's the lack of hitting.  Whatever the reason, it seemed as though first string players played longer in the first preseason game than they have in past seasons.  Some played into the second quarter.  That's very odd for the first preseason game of the year, but if coaches feel as though their players aren't getting enough "game" reps during practices at training camp, they clearly feel that they need to play them longer.  Perhaps the NFL should take a look at this when they push for an 18 game regular season schedule (which shouldn't happen!).  Or maybe the NFLPA needs to come together with the NFL to make training camps a little more tough and longer so teams can get the reps in that they need and be prepared to get hit so they don't play as long during the preseason games...especially the first one.
  • Bernie Kosar does not like the Rams.  Former Cleveland Browns quarterback Bernie Kosar is the color analyst for the Browns preseason games.  He had some unflattering remarks about the St. Louis Rams during their telecast and the Rams got ticked.  So did the Browns.  Ticked enough to release a statement saying they talked to Kosar.  He will still do their games.  Have to wonder if Kosar has any more outbursts if he'll be around the broadcast booth much longer.

Can't wait for the next string of preseason games to start.  NFL football is in the air.  What a great feeling.


Before I go, the NCAA's admission that they were a tad "hypocritical" about selling school jerseys from well known players simply by typing in their name is a good move, but it misses the whole argument that people have with the NCAA.  And that's that players should be paid or able to make some money off of stuff like autographs or sales of video games and jerseys.  It's a big mess for the NCAA.  But they'll just try to sweep it under the rug.  That is not a good idea.


Coming up Tuesday: Reaction to top stories and headlines from Monday


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