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 I'm not disputing that former Braves pitcher John Rocker is an idiot.  Many people should never be set loose in New York City, especially a backwoods hick from the wilds of rural Georgia.


On top of which, the number 7 train from midtown Manhattan to Shea Stadium is a particularly jarring experience for an out-of-towner.  It's low-end multiculturalism taken to its ultimate meltdown conclusion, with guys clipping their fingernails and the clippings flying into the take-out Chinese dinner which the next guy is eating on the train.  Yuck!


So when Rocker opened his mouth to complain about the teeming masses of humanity that he found to be so offensive he found a willing audience in the carrion-consuming New York sports press, who drew and quartered him and left his stinking carcass out in the sun for Jay Leno and Letterman to pick over for whatever shreds of maggot-ridden catgut that might remain for the amusement of the late night audience.


But uncouth and politically incorrect as those Georgia crackers might be, they are not liars.  Rather the opposite.  They tell you the truth as they see it, unvarnished by the niceties of polite social intercourse.  Ty Cobb was reviled for revealing those same qualities.


Take it for what it's worth.  If Dwayne Allman and Dickie Betts of the Allman Brothers were sitting at a table with me and they recounted a story about riding the number 7 train to Shea Stadium, I would accept the basic truthfulness of the narration and then draw my own conclusions.


So when John Rocker, who is already so debased and so degraded, recounts his experiences with steroids and the Major League Baseball establishment, I am prepared to accept it at face value as the raw truth. 


And what Rocker is saying is that not only was MLB Commissioner Bud Selig aware that Rocker, A-Rod and everybody else were shooting up, but that MLB actually dispatched a physician to instruct them how to do it.


This doesn't shock me.  I have repeatedly asserted that MLB has been complicit in steroids since Day One.  What has been shocking to me is the blatant immoral hypocrisy of the league in first hounding Barry Bonds and then persecuting the other stars in an attempt by Selig and the other executives to get the monkey off their backs.


And while we're at it, let's address Pete Rose's exile and banishment from the game.  For whatever reason, MLB has long focused on Rose as a scapegoat to expiate their own mortal sins of greed and gluttony.


If Rocker's assertions of MLB complicity are determined to have substance, they throw the whole rationalization for the Mitchell Commission into question.  It's as though Vince MacMahon appointed a blue ribbon commission to investigate steroids in the WWF to throw the spotlight of attention off of himself.


But Selig himself does not bear the exclusive burden of guilt for this witch-hunt.  The corrupt U.S. Department of Justice has long acted as his accomplice in the deplorable endeavor to stick the thing on Barry Bonds with the massive, vindictive support of public opinion.  And when the crushing weight of persecution became too enormous to focus on just one player they brought in another truckload of designated victims for the delectation of the public at large.  As Bush's disgraced Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld once philosophized, "When you have an insoluble problem, create a bigger problem."


If it's established that Selig was complicit in steroids since Day One, Congress will evacuate the investigation to save their own skins, and the full glare of public attention will focus on the practices of MLB.  The question will shift to "What did they know and when did they know it?" 


Watergate with a baseball cap!


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