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It's Wednesday and it's all NFL talk today.  What with suspensions and starting quarterback gigs given out, there are just a few things to talk about so let's get right to it andd see what made "the stack" for today, Wednesday, August 21:

Von Miller suspended six games, Texans Smith suspended one game

Yesterday, the story that Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller might be suspended was just probable.  It's definite now.  The NFL has suspended Miller six games for violating the substance-abuse policy though Miller did not have a positive drug test, but instead had a diluted sample after spilling (perhaps intentionally) his first sample.  That's what the NFL claims anyway.  It's a huge blow for the Broncos who lost linebacker Elvis Dumervill to free agency in the offseason.  Down two starting linebackers from last season, the Broncos defense ceratinly will feel the effects.  It will be up to Peyton Manning and the offense to carry the load for the first month and a half of the season.  Denver certainly looks more vulnerable now than they did a few weeks ago.

Speaking of suspensions, Houston Texans defensive end Antonio Smith has been suspended one regular season game for his actions against Miami Dolphins offensive lineman Richie Incognito in their preseason game Saturday night.  Smith took Incognito's helmet off and hit him in the face with it.  The prevailing thought was that Smith would just be suspended two meaningless preseason games, but the NFL wanted to do more.  Smith will appeal the suspension.  Perhaps a big fine would have sufficed.  Perhaps it will if Smith wins his appeal.  Here's the video of it.  Judge it for yourself.


And in other suspension news, major league baseball has suspended Boston Red Sox pitcher Ryan Dempster five games for plunking Alex Rodriguez in Sunday night's game.  He threw behind Rodriguez's knees on the first pitch, went inside on the second and third pitches and hit him on the elbow on the fourth.  Not sure why Dempster would do that unless he wanted to send A-Rod a message that the majority of players do not like what he has done with Biogenesis.  Then again, maybe Dempster just doesn't like A-Rod.  Either way, as a result of what he did, Dempster will miss his next start.


Eagles, Browns name starting quarterbacks

Philadelphia Eagles head coach Chip Kelly has finally made a decision who his starting quarterback will be...and that is Michael Vick.  Kelly made the announcement Tuesday morning.  Most people thought Vick would be the starting quarterback to begin with.  He has looked better in preseason action and has brought some electricity to the offense.  Nick Foles played good with the first team offense, but he doesn't bring the same element to the game as Vick does.  Vick is fast.  He can run and throw.  Foles is more of a passing quarterback.  Plus Foles is young and Vick signed a big contract extension with the Eagles.  Had the Eagles named Foles the starter, there is a good chance Vick would have wanted out of Philadelphia and in case Foles would get hurt, that means rookie Matt Barkley would be the backup.  Vick fits the offense better and the Eagles will be a more dangerous team because he is in the lineup.  He just needs to stay healthy and limit the turnovers, fumbles and interceptions.  The Eagles are going to be a fascinating team to watch this season.

In Cleveland, the announcement of who will be starting at quarterback for the Browns could not be any less stunning.  After taking all of the reps with the first team during training camp and looking very good in two preseason games, Brandon Weeden was named the Browns starting quarterback Tuesday.  He has shown vast improvement in the preseason from last year and it's a big year for Weeden.  He's not your average rookie given his age and the Browns need to know if he can lead them for the next five years at least or if they need to look around for another franchise quarterback in the offseason.  Jason Campbell is a solid backup, but the Browns know that Weeden needs this opportunity to show them what he can do.  Cleveland is going to be better this year than people think.


Police find gun in possible Hernandez murder case

The 2012 double homicide in Boston that former New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez has been linked to is starting to become a little more clear that Hernandez was involved after police say Tuesday they found a gun in the car of Jailene Diaz-Ramos. Diaz-Ramos is from Briston, Connecticut, Hernandez's home, but police aren't sure if there is a connection between the two.  Balistics testing proved that the bullets in the murders were the same ones found in the gun.  Police think they may be able to recover the gun used in the murder of Odin Lloyd thanks to finding this gun.  We shall soon see.  It's just more bad news for Hernandez as evidence continues to mount in front of him.


Coming up Thursday: Reaction to top stories in sports


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