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Hello and welcome to the beginning of the finished product of the giant mess of teenage work that is the Top 100 Songs Since 1999. As many of us know and recognize, a whole lot of hollow, extortionist “music” has been produced off of the big industry assembly line since the turn of the century. Therefore, it is my goal to sift through all the crap and find the beauty hidden under the garbage front made up of Fall Out Boy, The Jonas Brothers, Panic! At The Disco, and many, many others.

Others on have already undertaken similar goals as mine. Here are links if you’d like to glance them over before or instead of reading mine:

Nomarfan's Top 100 (Since '99) #100-75/#74-50/#49-25/#24-1

Chrono's Top 100 (Ever)

Coletrain's Top 50 (Ever)

LIFER's Top 100 (Ever)

Mac's Top 50 (Ever) (Mac denies any part of this)

If you’d like a sneak preview of my list, take a look at Nomarfan’s Top 100 (Since ’99). I helped him assemble his list and had a significant influence on its outcome. Likewise, many of Nomar’s songs have strongly influenced my own list, and a number of his songs can be found on mine.

Now, I suppose I must lay out the criteria of my list and the thought process behind it for you.

“I don’t know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody.”

The legendary Bill Cosby could not have said it better. As it turns out, he was absolutely right. I originally set out to do just that; to please everybody (or at least every rock fan). I wanted to include everything from Foo Fighters to Jack Johnson to Broken Social Scene to Lamb Of God. However, as I went on, I realized that this simply was not going to happen. My border of knowledge of music fails to reach extensively into many genres of music, and it would take extraordinary outside help to make such a list as that. So I decided to keep to what I know and believe to be solid rock music while still being as objective as humanly possible.

In my attempt at objectivity, I won’t simply be posting a list of my favorite songs. Had this been the case, not only would many songs be rearranged, but many would be omitted and replaced with others. However, as it is the case, and as I pursue a goal of near perfection, a number of songs I am not particularly fond of or praise will be included.

Giving numerical positions to just 100 of the endless sea of songs made since 1999 is nearly impossible. Of course it will be flawed, as I haven’t experimented in each genre, nor have I heard every song in genres I will be focusing on. Of course there will be songs that do not deserve to be on the list, just as there will be deserving songs that fail to make it. I am, after all, only human.

To each song will be included a link to the song for your listening pleasure. The link will be the blue lettering that looks similar to a link. Duh.

Under each song on the list will be a description of that song. Nothing fancy, just a few thoughts on the song, band, lyrics, or reason why I included the song.

You will also notice italicized words under many of the song descriptions. You should be able to recognize these as lyrics, but in case you don’t, I’m telling you right now. These lyrics mean nothing more than the fact that I find a particular part of the song especially intriguing or captivating, or perhaps I am posting the climax point of the song. No matter the purpose, the lyrics are posted for you as an interesting touch to each listing.

The layout of the four blogs containing the actual list will be done in a different fashion than Nomarfan’s. Instead of dividing the 100 songs into four equal 25-song parts, I will put more focus on the Top 10. In doing so, the Top 10 songs will be in a separate blog, and the descriptions will be more detailed in length. The remaining 90 songs will be divided into three blogs of 30 songs each (100-71, 70-41, 40-11). And that’s how God said it shall be done.

Finally, I don’t honestly expect anybody besides the proofreader (myself) to read the whole list in its entirety. 100 songs means 100 paragraphs, which means a whole lot of words. However, if you aren’t going to read the whole thing, I do encourage you to glance down the list to see what songs placed where and read the descriptions of any songs that you find interesting.

Danke for reading. The first section will be posted in two day’s time, so sit tight.


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