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For the past year or two many people have just been finding out that cheating is a part of any sport. Some are apalled and some are just now realizing that their favorite player had to cheat to become the Hero he/she is now.

Almost every sport has its cheater.

NASCAR has theirs. Ofcourse we all call them crew chiefs. Any Crew Chief not trying to find away to bend the rules and get those extra horses out of the engine or downforce out of the frame is not a true Crew Chief.

Major League Baseball has plenty. From the accused Barry Bonds who will always have an asterisk next to his accomplishments to Roger Clemens who will now have one as well to the older players who used oils and spit to get that extra juice on the ball.

Horse Racing will always have a trainer who will find a way to slip a horse a drug of some kind that won't be detected.

Steroids have always come up with Bicycling and the Olympics let alone with the NFL NBA NHL and MLB.

Now we have other kinds of cheating. Filming. The New England Patriots have been caught with Spygate. They were caught filming the Jets. Now there is evidence that the Pats filmed the Rams before the SUPER BOWL in 02!!!

So the question remains what do you do with the cheaters? The Black Sox were banned from the sport and the Hall of Fame. Pete Rose was banned for betting but people thought his bets made him cheat and throw games. So really does a suspension now a days really work? I don't think so. I think if your caught cheating you should be banned. Why not? They did that in the old days.

So Pete Rose will never get into the hall of fame but he has never been brought up stating that he took steroids or corked any bats or threw a World Series. He was betting on games and unless he was playing he never really had full control over the games. Unless your going to tell me he told his players to strike out and not catch fly balls and toss the ball under hand to players who can't hit.

So what should the punishment be for cheaters these days?

But also my question brings up another question. Does the difference in cheating draw comparable consequences? Again I think Suspensions only work in some cases but not in all. Probation may work if the consequences from it are deemed high enough that the probation would actually work. I mean look at this. Players have been suspended from baseball for 45 days for popping positive the first time. Then they get a 90-180 day suspension for popping positive the second time. Now the first suspension didn't really work. So what if they get caught the first time you tell them the next time its over.

I think Character clauses and cheating consequences should be in every sports contract. Really it should. That way everyone is protected. So then the organization of New England Patriots could fine and place Bill on Probation for his involvement in cheating. They then could retrieve his bonuses and pay if he got caught doing it again. The New York Mets and every other team could retrieve all the bonuses and pay from players that failed drug tests and are caught cheating.

Cause really why should we pay to watch these sports these days if everyone is juiced? This is not the WWE where the matches are scripted. I understand that these guys get paid big bucks...but its supposed to be for their talent that the average joe doesn't have. Not for the average drug everyone can get.


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