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Stelio Kontos
Congratulations! This is now the best group on Fannation. I'd like to think that my awesome foretellings of what will happen this season in the NFL are the main reason for our unbridled popularity. Heck, I bet that is the reason as a matter of fact. Because I'm not giving weak wishy-washy "predictions" here. This is how it's going to happen. Everyone can recognize greatness, and thanks again for making this group the most popular group on FN. Now, onto the Way it's going to happen for the NFC in 2013...


New York 11-5

Washington 10-6

Dallas 9-7

Philadelphia 7-9

Once again this division will be a very close race coming all the way down to the final weeks. New York gets the edge from having a faster start to the season, as Washington will initially struggle as RGIII will need time to get his bearings. The Cowboys will be famously mediocre as always, and the Eagles will improve, but not enough. It will take all season though before the picture is clear, just like every year.


Chicago 11-5

Green Bay 10-6

Minnesota 8-8

Detroit 3-13

Yeah, Detroit is a lot of hype garbage. Stafford and Megatron can put up impressive numbers all day, but it won't mean the Lions are going to be any good. Minnesota's main weakness is Christian Ponder, and AP won't replicate last season. The fight will be between Chicago and Green Bay, with Chicago having just enough to come out on top this year. And they won't even punt on 3rd down more than once!


Atlanta 11-5

New Orleans 10-6

Carolina 6-10

Tampa Bay 5-11

No surprises here. Atlanta is the best team in the division, although the Saints will be much better with proper leadership. Carolina will tease, but fall short in the end. Tampa's misfortune is being in this division. Just not enough horses to keep up with the big boys.


San Francisco 14-2

Seattle 10-6

St Louis 8-8

Arizona 5-11

The 49ers are the best team in the league, and will roll on through the regular season. Seattle comes back to earth as Wilson suffers somewhat of a sophomore slump. The Rams are better the Cardinals are the same. There will be a 4-way tie at 10-6 for the wildcard. Seattle gets the nod and ramps it up in the playoffs, upsetting the 49ers at home in the last game ever played at Candlestick. Congratulations NFC Champions Seattle Seahawks. The Colts-Seahawks Super Bowl will be played in the worst blizzard the NorthEast has seen in 50 years, with the Colts winning 2-0 when Russell Wilson mistakenly rolls out of the back of the end zone, unable to see the back line due to it being under 6 inches of snow. Now, aren't you glad your team isn't in that game?

Have fun and drink good beer.

August 27, 2013  09:29 PM ET

Did DJ help you with this?

August 27, 2013  09:30 PM ET


August 27, 2013  09:31 PM ET

Did DJ help you with this?

Negative. I would have added a little color.

August 27, 2013  09:31 PM ET

That last one has a jacked up face.

August 27, 2013  09:55 PM ET

This was very informative. Thank you.

August 27, 2013  10:07 PM ET

That last one has a jacked up face.

She has a face?

Didn't notice, I was distracted. And not by the Photog's failed lighting. Almost completely washed out her face.

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August 30, 2013  07:36 AM ET

Nice predictions. I don't think Dallas and Philly will win as much as you said, and I think Green Bay will still win the North. One thing that's hard to predict is who will be this year's sleeper team, lots of candidates, but anyone who follows the NFL knows some team will come out of nowhere to contend.

September 7, 2013  11:07 AM ET

This seems like a nice place.

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September 7, 2013  10:00 PM ET

Stelio back in Greece?

September 9, 2013  10:56 AM ET

Losers comment

So jealous


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