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Each season, Mike cleans house and signs some of the best FA out there to make the Broncos a contender. I think its time to put an end to that now. Look at some of the elite teams like the Pats and Colts. They've drafted almost their entire teams. I think we need to do something to that nature instead of going on some mad shopping spree. But I never said anything about a garage sell...

Offensive Line: In this edition well run through our offense. And why not start with maybe the most important position on the field, the offensive line. Denver has always been known for their great run blocking and this, of course, starts with the line. Here's what it looks like before my experiment.

 LT: R. Harris  LG: C. Kuper  C: T. Nalen  RG: B. Hamilton  RT: E. Pears

Everyone on this line besides Nalen of course is 25 or under and Holland is 27. So getting younger at this position isn't an issue even though it would be nice to draft a real potential starter like Clady. If anything we need to get older especially at the LT. My was Travelle Wharton, as all you know who read my blog on the first day, but he was just signed to a brand spanking new 6-year deal. Damn you panthers for interfering with my dream. And in spite of Carolina, the Broncos will sign Jordan Gross, their other tackle. Now he is young and a former first round pick but he seems to play consestently well so he'll be worth the above average money he'll be asking for. I think he should be able to sustain our tackle position to well into his thirties.


Quaterbacks: Since the Broncos are solid with Cutler and Ramsey, we'll skip to the RB/FB category.

RB/FB: Firstoff we need to dump off Travis Henry. He was too much of a distraction and I think Selvin Young fits the system great. And since the Bucs are looking for a rb to complement Cadilliac, we trade them Henry for Barrett Rudd. The Buccaners will be willing to part with Rudd since they also have Trotter. And the Broncos will also draft a rb to complement Young but we'll get to that in my draft addition that will be after the defense addition. They will also trade Mike Bell to the Texans for their fifth round pick. I also agree with Enigma that they should sign a vet to complement the young guys and thats why im thinking of someone like Chris Brown. I might say Fargas but I know he will be looking for a high contract with long years and we want neither. We also have to consider Musa Smith and Mewelde Moore. But since this is a fantasy will take Brown.

Tight Ends: Like the QB position, I think this position is solid with the complementary skills of Schefflers catching and Grahams blocking.

Wide Recievers: After Brandon Marshall's breakout season, he is our obvious number one WR. I dont think that Javon will be able to accept that and with the contreversy of him saying he wants to leave, then he doesn't the team will trade him to Washington for their third round draft pick. In my draft section, we'll draft another WR but we still need some more depth. So the Broncos will sign Devery Henderson to rotate with our draft pick as our third WR.

And that's our offense so far. I didn't want to sign a bundle of FAs but rather grow what we have. And after the draft, we'll have a top ten offense.

 2/14 = My Ideal Offseason: The Defense

 2/15 = My Ideal Offseason: The Draft


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