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DC Sports Nut: Nats, AGAIN??

     With everything pretty much calmed down, I figured it was time for me to get down to a topic I've wanted to tackle since I signed on to FanNation 4 months ago. (Christ, it's been 4 months?? Feels more like 4 years, to be honest.)

     And after all, one of the missions of this group is talking about media. But, how to approach it?? Aye, there's the rub. I racked my brain...and racked...and racked. Then, I had an epithany. It was staring me right in the face. WRITING!!! That's what I should talk about.

     (A momentary interlude for a second. We researched our family history, and it turns out that my great-great-grandfather's brother is credited with publishing the first newspaper in Page County, VA--where I live--in 1831. That's 36 years before our hometown paper, the Page News and Courier, began life. Alas, there's no evidence of said newspaper to be found. I bring this up, so that you'll know why I'm able to use all those $50 words in here at times. Yeah, right...)

     Anyway, back to why this entry. As I was saying, since I do understand writing (among other things), I thought to myself "Why do we write what we write here in FanNation, or any other blog??". That's when the answer came to me.

     Follow along, folks. It's gonna take awhile...

     Blogs, when you break them down to their most basic of elements, are the 21st century equivalent of that nice little pulp-laden thing you hold in your hot little hands every morning. You know, what we call a newspaper. (Hey!!! Get your minds out of the gutter. What did you think I meant?? People, please.)

     Anyway, where was I?? Right, blogs...

     Well, just as newspapers have a publisher or a managing editor, we have "administrators". Writers are "authors". And just as newspapers have reporters, we have "supermembers" who are given the opportunity to write on someone else's blog (as I have on not one, but two NASCAR blogs on here).

     I'd be lying if I didn't say that some of you here have a true flair for writing. Sometimes, it's not about sports per se; on the night the Orange Bowl closed its doors (with UVA doing a beatdown on Miami by the score of 44-0), I was all so happy. Then I read J. Hova's blog about it, and it shamed me. I won't lie to you. It moved me, and I told him that. And just today, I was paid the ultimate compliment in one of his blogs. He called me a "straight-up fanatic". Guilty, on all counts. Hey, I've been called far worse on here by some of you. Admit it, now.

     The "Babes, Beer and Sports" blog is another example of writing I appreciate (when I'm not looking at the pictures, I mean). Thugmeister's new protege, Mr. Pete, is definitely somebody who deserves to break out of this rut we call FanNation and into a REAL paying job writing for the masses. (We don't have spell check on here, so I don't know if I spelled "protege" right or not. Shoot me.)

     Regardless of whether you find 200motels funny or not, at least the guy gives me a good laugh once in a great while (and gets me to thinking, too!!!). I bring that up, simply because sometimes I wonder to myself if I'm making a difference on here with my assorted musings. According to Cassidy (or, as she now refers to herself, "Feistess"), this particular blog cracks her up. I think the quote was "gasping for air". Gee, thanks. Glad I could be the goddamned home entertainment center on FanNation. (I'm sorry, but that line cracked ME up even. I lifted that line from Sam Kinison, and this was the perfect opportunity to use it.)

     Well, anyway, the point is that we really should start thinking of the blogs we write and/or create as sort of a modern-day extension of newspapers. And this is just the first, of what will be an occasional series of commentaries I'll come up with...when the mood warrants it, that is. At any rate, I hope this should make you see there's another side of me here in FanNation--one that takes writing very seriously.


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