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I not usually this disrespectful even with people I don't like and I certanly don't like Chip or Felix but after listening to Felix Sabates call on Sirius radio where he blasted Kenny Wallace by calling him a no good idiot, no good driver who can't win anything, it just burned me up. Felix Sabates has proven to the NASCAR audience what I've always known, that he is just another classless rich man bathed in arrogance.

Felix Sabates, al asifyouknow is a blogger/self proclaimed IDIOTA so you don't have call me names, I already know what I am, so I'm telling you that ese carro en que tenias Juan Pablo Montoya was JUNK , get it ! Ese carro era un burro. Do you need a translation Felix Sabates.

Even though Juan Pablo Montoya fans have the 2009 and half of this season to remenber, most of the seven years in the Chip & Felix show have been a total disappointment.

Who is at fault for those failures? Well, I'm sure there is lots of blame to go around, including on the drivers, but for you to go around suggesting that you had top of the line cars and team to offer those drivers and they just could not get it done is pure spin my Dear SIR. Pura mentiras.

The thing I love about America is that we all have opinions and they are all valid, even if one doesn't agree with them. Kenny Wallace believes that EGR is not a TOP TIER team, I believe that EGR is not a top tier team and most NASCAR fans believes that EGR IS NOT A TOP TIER TEAM.

Here is the most important stat, NO Championships tell anybody that this is not a top tier team.

So where is the lie Felix Sabates. Where is the big lie Kenny Wallace told?

Why did this well liked NASCAR personality deserve your verbal lashing just because he has an opinion?

Here the truth Sir: The EGR team is not a top tier team. PERIOD.

Here is something else that got this blogger's blood pressure up, Felix Sabates has the arrogance to say on Sirius radio that he is going to talk to Kenny's employers and tell them they don't need to have someone like Wallace working for them.

Is this guy for real, can anyone be that arrogant, just because a guy has an opinion you going to try to bet him fired, I dont know how rich Kenny is but I'm sure he has a family to support and likes his job.

I hope when Felix shows up to Kenny's employers door they kick his **** to the curb PRONTO.

I apologize to the folks who read this, I'm not this vulgar but this guy is a certified idiot and he needed to be treaded like one.I don't think anybody really givea a horses **** about what Felix Sabates has to say, let me say it again, NOBODY, and certanly not the 700,000 plus Juan Pablo Tweeter followers.

As always this is just a fans opinion and from what I understand everybody has one and I thank God for that.

Side note: And may God forgive me for being so mean

Enough said.

September 1, 2013  01:39 PM ET

What a stupid bunch of comments to make on Radio........or anywhere.

Agree on:
-Felix is a farce.
-Kenny is a great Nascar personality....always happy and joking.........and he is good for the fans......I know because I've met him and talked to him....and have also seen him at fan fares....the fans love him.
-Kenny is not an fact, he is quite intelligent.
-EGR is a middle tier race best.
-EGR has never had top notch equipment since it became EGR......wasn't top notch before that eithor from about 2004 onward.

_Felix is the idiot here.......he thinks you have to win races to have an opinion.
_Felix is also a spiteful child.......even if he was just mouthing off, it is rediculous to try and get someone fired for having a different opinion than his.

September 3, 2013  03:47 PM ET

Agree.. EGR isn't a top tier team and I'd wish they'd take the 'E' out of EGR.. its a disgrace to the Earnhardt name to be associated with this organization

September 3, 2013  03:50 PM ET

Agree.. EGR isn't a top tier team and I'd wish they'd take the 'E' out of EGR.. its a disgrace to the Earnhardt name to be associated with this organization



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