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 unlike some peolpe who send out FM saying challange me challange me!!!


A throwdowner named NCshvDavid don;t play like that

 Here is some topics

Pick your topic and I will CHALLANGE YOU sunday night. 

1. The demise of Cro-Cop means Fedor is NEVER coming to the UFC

 2. Kobe should not have the surgery

3. Bob knight > Sampson

 4. Elway vs Favre

 5 UFC wasted money on Pride


7. Fix the Pro-bowl 

8. Sampson will not coach next year 

 9. Fix the Dunk COntest

10 Fix the Rookie Soph game


The Mount Rushmore Series 

1. baseball - pre 1980

baseball post 1980

Baseball right now

FB pre superbowl

FB Superbowl

FB running backs

FB coaches Pre and Post

NBA Coaches

NBA positions



Most dominant Pitcher Pedro or Randy Johnson

- Need To Make a First 5 Team NFL Draft, Using ONLY Offensive Players, For What They Need Most.

- The Next Coach On The Hot Seat For 2008 is?

- Were the Browns for Real in 2007?

- Is Asante Samuel going to Greatly change the Eagles Defense?

- The Vikings are looking to sign JP Losman, Do You Start Losman or Jackson, If He gets Signed?

- Had Barry Sanders played 5 more seasons, would You consider him the Greatest RB Of All Time?

- Should the Running Back pulling a Defender's Face Mask be a Penalty? (It Isn't Right Now)

- Which team will finish last in the NFC East in 2008?

- Which team will finish last in the NFC West in 2008?

- Which team will finish last in the NFC North in 2008?

- Which team will finish last in the NFC South in 2008?

- Which team will finish last in the AFC East in 2008?

- Which team will finish last in the AFC West in 2008?

- Which team will finish last in the AFC North in 2008?

- Which team will finish last in the AFC South in 2008?

- Will Bill Parcells Really Turn the Dolphins Organization Around?

- If Atlanta were to get a QB, and an Elite Receiver, Will They Be Ready For The Season?

- Will the Jaguars be as big of a threat on Defense, after losing Marcus Stroud?

- Matt Hasselbeck will have worse numbers than in 2007, Buy Or Sell?

- Donovan McNabb will do better in 2008, With the Eagles...

- The Saints are going to be the Real Contender in the 2008 Playoff Run, Buy or Sell.

- Who has been the worst overall team in the NFL, since 2000 Besides the Lions, and the Cardinals?

- Tom Brady lost Stallworth, and Brown at WR, Will He Be Able to Put up Great Numbers Again?

- Offensively, Besides Devin Hester, and Adrian Peterson, Who Is the Most Dangerous NFL Player?

- Mewelde Moore will help the Steelers Running Game, Buy or Sell?

- The team with the worst Offensive Line in 2008 will be?

- The team with the worst Defensive Line in 2008 will be?

- Lee Evans will do better in 2008 than in 2007, Yes Or No?

- The Worst QB to start over 12 games is...

- Derek Anderson's 2007 Campaign, Fluke or Really That Good?

- Is Terrell Owens really THE Go-To guy late in a game?

- Shaq Will Retire how many years from now?

- Who has the Most Talented Triple Threat in the NBA, Besides the Pistons, Celtics, and Spurs?

- Who is the best NBA Player in the Game today, besides K. Bryant, L. James, and C. Paul?

- Make A Starting 5 Team with All Centers.

- Is Shaq's Average of 3.8 Fouls a Game Hurting the Suns A LOT?

- The Miami Heat will Have a Winning Season Next Season, Yes or No?

- Tim Duncan is the best PF to play the game, Yes or No?

- Pistol Pete Mariovich is a Top 3 PG to play the Game, Yes or No?

- The Milwaukee Bucks need to clean house, if They want to get better, Yes or No?

- Which Division has the worst amount of talent in the NBA?

- Which division has the most amount of talent in the NBA, Besides the Southwest?

- Should Manu Ginobili start in games for the Spurs?

- The Best Last Place Division Team in the NBA is the...

- The Worst Last Place Division Team in the NBA besides the Heat are the...

- The Knicks will have a turn-around season in the next 2 years, Yes or No?

- This year's Coach on the Hot-Seat is...

- Do you believe that many NBA Players take Steroids?

- The Worst Starting Center in the NBA who played over 45 games this season is...

- Will the Nuggets make the playoffs?

- Would a Pistons vs. Spurs Championship be Boring?

- What is more fun to watch, a defensive game, or a game with a lot of scoring?



- The Michigan Wolverines will make a Bowl Game, Buy Or Sell?

- The Georgia Bulldogs will win the SEC, Yes Or No?

- The #1 ranked team at the Beginning of the Season will be?

- Who was the greatest QB to play in College?

- The Next Big-Ten Coach to get fired in the NCAAF is...

- The Next Big-12 Coach to get fired in the NCAAF is...

- The Next Big East Coach to get fired in the NCAAF is...

- The Next SEC Coach to get fired in the NCAAF is...

- The Next Pac-10 Coach to get fired in the NCAAF is...

- USC will remain a Power-House in the NCAAF for the next 5 years, Yes or No?

- If players take Steroids in College, Should they get a more Harsh Penalty, than Players in the NFL?

- This Coming Year, is Nick Saban on the Hot-Seat?

- How much longer will Les Miles coach at LSU?

- The West Virginia Mountaineers will Do How Well Without Slaton, and Rodriguez?

- Would you rather run a Spread offense, or a Veer Offense in College?



- Will Tyler Hansbrough's value to NBA Team Rise or Fall if he keeps playing in the NCAAB?

- What is the main reason Tyler Hansbrough will not do well in the NBA?

- Michael Beasley Will remain in the NCAAB for How Many More Years?

- Michael Beasley will put up better numbers in his Sophormore Season, Buy Or Sell?

- Will a #1 Seed in the Tournament Win the Championship?

- Make an All-Freshman NCAAB Team

- Make an All-Sophomore NCAAB Team

- Make an All-Junior NCAAB Team

- Make an All-Senior NCAAB Team

- The Next SEC Coach To get Fired in the NCAAB Is...

- The Next NCAAB Coach besides Coach K that would do well in the NBA would be...

- The team with the best Offense in all of NCAAB Division-A is...

- The Team with the best Defense in all of NCAAB Divison-A is...



- Who has the best Mascot in the NFL?

- Who has the best Mascot in the NBA?

- Who has the best Mascot in the NCAAF?

- Who has the best Mascot in the NCAAB?

- Who has the best Mascot in the MLB?

- Which Sports Team has the best Tradition before every game?

- If there were 1 City You could Add to the NFL, NBA, and MLB, Which City would it be, and Why?

- Which is most fun to watch, March Madness, Super Bowl, Or Bowl Week?

- Which is the the least fun to watch, Golf, Tennis, or Nascar, and why?

Biggest Scandal/Court Trial in sporting history.

MLB/NFL player with most wasted potential.

All 2000's team in 2017.

All Wilt team-Pick 4 guys to surround Wilt on a team.

All NFC East, West, South, or North Team.

All AFC East, West, South, or North Team.

Better Conference: SEC or Pac-10
Best Eligible Pitcher Not in the Hall of Fame
NEXT 3 Coaches Fired in the NFL
Is AD the Best rookie back in NFL history?
If OJ mayo leaves after this year- was he worth the trouble?
Biggest Surprise so far in the NFL (player and team)


1. 5.5 seconds left Melo or AI with the ball?
2. Celtics vs The Field -who wins the east?
3. Houston - second round?
4. San Antonio needs to make a trade!
5. Dallas is better off without making the trade for Kidd
6. Stern SHOULD be able to veto BAD trades
7. Pick 10 current players for the HOF


1. Fix the NHL  better idea wins
2. Contraction in the NHL?
3. is it possible that Crosby COULD be better than Wayne?
4. The NHL should force Sidney to New York
5. Take out the Red line

1. Top 3 SS in the MLB

2. More exciting, a 1-0 pitching battle or a 10-11 hitting massacre?

3. who should be the #1 projected pitcher for next year.

4. Best infield in baseball
5. With the #1 pick in the MLB fantasy draft, I select
6. All 5 years in the Majors and under team
7. NL AllStar team in 2012 (no teams 10 players)
8. AL All Star team in 2013 (no teams 10 players)

8. All non All-Star team




See? Thats how a Throwdowner Rolls!  


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