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The case levied against the New England Patriots pretty much hinges on this guy Matt Walsh. Plain and simple.

What some people may not know is how serious some of Walsh's ‘evidence' may be. I read in the news today that Walsh and his attorney shot down the NFL's offer to protect him against lawsuits.

Read the entire offer (legal mumbo-jumbo and all) that the NFL offered Walsh at the following link (It is in the box called "Indemnification language")


His reason for turning down their offer was that he didn't feel they covered all bases for his protection. They left out the possibility that the New England Patriots could still sue him by accusing him of falsehoods.

Interesting. The NFL left out that very important ingredient for poor Mr. Walsh. All New England has to do is call him a liar and he then enters a court and may lose all worldly possessions. And he probably would lose it all: what are the odds for Walsh in a court case called New England Patriots Vs. Matt Walsh? They may as well call the case David Vs. Goliath!

Walsh's distrust of the NFL comes after an NFL league security guy and a former FBI guy went to a Cape Cod golf course and interviewed people that used to work with Walsh. For those who don't know, Walsh is an assistant golf pro. He's been doing that since leaving the Pats. This is what Walsh's attorney had to say about the brazenness of the NFL:"Sending a former FBI agent to investigate his professional and personal life has not left Mr. Walsh feeling confident that the National Football League simply wants to encourage him to come forward with whatever information he has"

A spokesman for the NFL confirmed that the NFL has looked at some public records to confirm Walsh's employment background in "an effort to learn about him -- however that is done.''

Man, I didn't know the NFL could turn into a big bully. Is this the mafia or that sport that we grab a beer and watch on Sundays?

I believe that Walsh has evidence of cheating by the Patriots and may even have information which may prove the NFL covered it up. The way in which Roger Goodell has behaved and the way in which he has handled this whole affair raises some questions about his honesty. Originally, he said the Patriots had no proof of taping opponents before the 2007 season. Now it has been acknowledged that they have been taping the entire time Belichick has been head coach (2000-2007)!

Of course, none of this would have been found out had Arlen Spector decided not to look into it. But for this to go forward and bring everything to light, Matt Walsh will have to come to some sort of agreement and hand over all the information and evidence that he has.

He's a huge factor. Without the Walsh factor, this will go nowhere. Exactly where New England and the NFL hope this goes. 


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