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Its time for some Patriot football.  As everyone knows by now the Pats are down to their 53 man roster and there have been some expected and unexpected casualties. Tim Tebow is now a free agent after clearing waivers, there was little hope that he would make the team. He did have some good moments, but the upside wasn't there for him to take a roster spot. I wish him well in his next endeavor. Unexpected cut, at least for me was TEs Daniel Fell and Jake Ballard, also punter Zoltan Mesko. Its time to see if the Pats did enough to be on top again this year.

Good news is that Rob Gronkowski was placed on the 53 man roster. If he had been place on IR/PUP he wouldn't be able to play until week 7.  He may not be ready for week one against the Bills, but he had been seen at practice in full pads for 2 straight days, that's encouraging.

Many people are saying that the Pats won't be as effective after losing Welker, but I believe Amendola will do just as well if not better then Welker. Many will be proven wrong about the Pats new receiving corp, they just might be better than you think. We have 6 WRs on the roster and I think Boyce, Dobson, Amendola and Thompkins will fill in nicely. Also Zach Sudfeld will work well with Gronk. LeGarrette Blount joins a group of RBs that will be key in the running game, I'm sure Belichick will find his strengths and use him wisely, perhaps for goal line, short yardage role.

So gets your snacks and drinks ready the NFL has awaken from a long sleep.  GO PATS!



September 2, 2013  06:36 PM ET

I wasn't surprised to see Tebow cut but I was when Mesko was. People keep saying Amendola is injury prone, I hope those days are over. I was also surprised to see Leon Washington was still on the roster when I checked on Saturday, but see now that he is gone. He wasn't very good at his position than Tebow was at his.
I'm really excited about this year and think BB has put together a good team. Hopefully Gronk will behave himself until after the Super Bowl.


September 12, 2013  12:01 AM ET

Week 1 gave us an ugly win.....Week 2 may be even uglier.

September 13, 2013  08:56 AM ET

Well, they don't get any uglier than last night's win against the Jets. The rookie receivers better improve for the Tampa game or BB's head might explode before Brady's.

September 13, 2013  08:58 AM ET

Miami is a better team than Buffalo and NY, the Dolphins will take advantage of the things the Bills and Jets didn't.

Miami wins the AFC East, you heard it here first.

September 13, 2013  08:59 AM ET

Having said all that, I have Brady and Gronk on my FF team. So, I want them to do well. But, I have my doubts.

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September 15, 2013  11:33 AM ET

I may be the last person to have known about this BUT they have American football in Russia and the Moscow Black Storm wants to give Tebow $1 million to play two games. Owner Mikhail Zaitsman wants him to play in their semifinal match against the Moscow Patriots in the American Football Championship of Russia September 28 and then in the finals. He says the only obstacle to getting this done are Tebow's agents who want him to become a motivational speaker and not play football anymore.

Two things I know for sure right now....the NFL does not want Tebow and the Arena League team KISS does. Tebow to Russia??? Sounds more like an Onion story to me.

September 23, 2013  07:56 PM ET

Pats looked a bit better against the Bucs. Here's hoping the improving keeps going.

September 30, 2013  03:21 PM ET

Pats played better against Atlanta but the loss of Wilfork makes for another in-house challenge.


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