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Rhonnie's Mock Draft - Pre Combine

I pondered over my draft predictions for some time...with Miami possessing the number 1 section and with Jerry Jones on the loose...NO one can predict what's about to happen....I can't  wait to see what unexpected surprises the 2008 draft will hold!!  Side note: Ryan and McFadden REALLY make this hard....where will they go!!!!!

1. With the number 1 pick in the 2008 draft the Miami Dolphins select...Glenn Dorsey(DT); I literally debated for HOURS...Matt Ryan or Glenn Dorsey. Here are my arguments for both:

a. For Glenn:  It's just dumb to pay ridiculous dollars for Matt Ryan and no team is realistically giving up a top ten draft pick...so don't expect Miami to be moving down in this year's draft. Defensively, Miami is in a world of hurt, there is no immediate solution for this team...so many needs, but Miami certainly doesn't have any time to wait for a rookie QB to develop, right now the greatest impact will be felt with Glenn Dorsey. This argument wins at the end of the day...Matt isn't a safe enough bet to spend top dollar

b. For Matt:  Choosing a QB this early is a costly move (JaMarcus Russell) but when Miami hired the "Tuna" they became dedicated to improvement...at all cost. Late last season, Miami gave Beck the starting nod in order to determine if he would be their '08 starter. Well, he proved himself incapable, for at least now. No one wants a rookie QB, but what are you to do when your back ups are John Beck, Cleo Lemon, and Matt Baker (newly acquired, cut from Dallas and Arizona, Parcells likes this former Tar Heel)? In 1993 Parcells drafted Bledsoe as the number 1 pick...this was the rebirth of the Patriots. Miami is in need of a SERIOUS rebirthing and where better to start than with Matt Ryan. Let's look at what's available and compare it with Miami's needs....Miami needs defensive assistance, but this can be acquired later...but a QB is needed now, POINT BLANK. If Matt is around for Atlanta's pick then he is gone...plus Miami is has plenty of salary cap room.

2. St. Louis - Chris Long (DE); I would like to see him in Oakland too, but NO! Side Note: Zach Thomes is being looked at by St. Louis!

3. ATL - Matt Ryan (QB); dependent on Mia's selection. Atlanta needs a QB as evident by Leftwich's dismissal and Joey Harrington's existence...but if Ryan goes to Miami then ATL will take McFadden, Warrick Dunn is on his way out ...and drafting Brian Brohm this high is RIDICULOUS! Side note: Oakland may pick 3rd. Atlanta and Oakland will do a coin toss (at the combine) to determine their position. If Oakland prevails (selects 3rd) then Atlanta and Kansas will then toss to determine the 4th and 5th selections. If ATL prevails then Oakland will select 4th and Kansas 5th.

4. Oakland - Darren McFadden (RB); Oakland could use a fresh running back and they tend to take the flashy players, so McFadden will be too sweet to pass on. If Miami takes Ryan (QB), and ATL takes McFadden(RB) then expect Oakland to take Glenn Dorsey(DT) as Warren Sapp's much needed replacement.

5. Kansas City - Jake Long (OT);-regardless of position; Kansas really needs a new QB, but they have more pressing concerns at OT and no remaining QB is worth a fifth pick....

6. NY Jets - Sedrick Ellis (DT); the Jet's week 17 victory was WORTHLESS....that victory forced a sixth pick as opposed to the third pick...they could have made a run for Glenn Dorsey

7. New England - Leodis McKelvin (CB); Asante Samuels will be out of New England at the beginning of free agency (DON'T expect New England to offer a Nate Clements type deal) The Pats could use a youthful LB, but this help can be secured later. A lot of teams are looking for a quality CB; if they pass on Leodis they will NOT acquire an adequate replacement for Samuels'. Side note: It is my sincerest hope that Arizona release Edgerrin James, restructure Larry Fitzgerald's contract, and make a move for Asante Samuels...a girl can hope can't she!

8. Baltimore - Mike Jenkins (CB); The Ravens also need a QB...Steve McNair has seen better days and Kyle Boller is out....but selecting Brian Brohm this early isn't efficient...Rolle and Reed are aging and new talent is needed. Remember, they have Troy Smith....give him a year, he might surprise ya!

9. Cincinnati - Vernon Gholson(DE/OLB); this guy is awesome, he plays well at this hybrid position...and needless to say Cincy's defensive leaves a lot to be desired especially at the LB position....that is if the Jets doesn't choose him.

10. New Orleans - Aqib Talib (CB); we know N.O. is choosing a CB, but which one...this draft has a rich CB supply....but the demand is equally high, so the question is, who lands here?

11. Buffalo - DeSean Jackson (WR); Buffalo needs a well sized WR to pair with Evans.

12. Denver - Kenny Phillips(S); I really don't know about this....Kenny Smith would be the best option available as the highest rated Safety going into the combines, but Denver needs serious assistance at the DT position.

13. Carolina - Ryan Clady(OT)

14. Chicago - Brian Brohm(QB); A great acquisition for Chicago, it's time to chuck Rex the deuces, peace!

15. Detroit -Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie (CB); SERIOUSLY debatable.

16. Arizona - Antoine Cason (CB); because I said so! However, if we dumP the Edge (yes, I've changed my mind he must go) and miraculously acquire Asante Samuels...then of course Jonathan Stewart (RB) would the best selection.

17. Minnesota - Calais Campbell (DE); they need any and everything on defense possible, especially a good pass rusher...Minn. ranked worse in the NFL in pass rush...

18. Houston - Jonathan Stewart (RB); yes, Houston could use a great safety, but considering what is left on the draft boards and that Mario Williams has stepped his game up BIG time, the most efficient bet would be Stewart. Houston hasn't found its perfect RB yet...until now!

19. Philly -James Hardy (WR)

20. Tampa - Pat Simms(DT); Tampa Bay might be better off choosing a well ranked receiver at this position.

21. Washington - Phillip Merling (DE)

22. Dallas - Rashard Mendenhall (RB); this is a tough call because Dallas needs a CB, but once again looking at the boards and seeing what is available Mendenhall is the best bet. Dallas can acquire a CB a bit later...the CB studs have all gone, so why not catch Mendenhall....teams are now looking for the running back combo (a regular Portis/Betts.) Well, provided that Jerry Jones doesn't pull something out of his hat, or should I say DEEP pockets!

23. Pittsburgh -Jeff Otah(OT)

24. Tennessee - Limas Sweed(WR); in terms of skill I wouldn't rank him higher than Mario Manningham or Early Doucet (who has been compared to Boldin,) but Manningham's attitude and work ethic have been questioned so who needs that (as we saw earlier...Vince likes to fight unruly teammates, so Manningham wouldn't' be a fitting match.) Vince Young played with Limas at Texas and since he is a respectable pick (minus his wrist injury)...expect Tennessee to go with Limas.

25. Seattle -Fred Davis (TE); performed extremely well at the Senior Bowl and Marcus Pollard is a free agent.

26. Jacksonville - Malcolm Kelly (WR)

27. San Diego - Kentwan Balmer (DT); San Diego really needs a S, but looking at who is available and who is worth this selection, it's got to be a DT...if Kenny Smith goes to Denver then expect San Diego to take DT, they can acquire a safety later. Side Note: in college I was Kentwan's mentor his freshmen year...so San Diego can thank me later for molding this young man into a star!

28. Dallas - Reggie Smith (CB); kinda high for this guy especially since he is coming off of a injury, but Dallas needs help here... just like a lot of other teams who happened to have higher first round picks!

29. San Francisco - Early Doucet(WR); the missing piece in a wonderful unit of young talent (Nolan is quoted as saying he reminds him of Boldin, "he's got the talent" although he said he lacks Boldin's competitiveness)...let's just hope Alex Smith comes back revitalized. Note: Doucet didn't participate in the Senior Bowl due to a Hamstring injury.

30. Green Bay - Tracy Porter (CB); SUSPECT PICK, but Green Bay desperately needs assistance in this position...just like half of the 29 teams that selected before them!

31. Forfeited by New England

32. New York Giants - Keith Rivers (OLB); if he is available, a complete steal!


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