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It was the opening game of the 2013 NFL regular season and we had the rematch of the previous season's best game. The defending Super Bowl champion Baltimore Ravens invaded the home of the Denver Broncos but not before a bit of a thunder storm pushed through the area and delayed the start of the game by 33 minutes. Little did we know that the real thunder would come down later in the ballgame and from a real familiar face. The game finally got underway after a pretty good rendition of our national anthem by Danielle Bradbery, which gave me goosebumps and got me ready for action. From the beginning it seemed as though the game would carry out to be a close fought nail-biting game. The Ravens seemed to have set the tone early when they scored on their second drive with ease. Joe Flacco got into a pretty good rhythm early, thanks in large part to a poor pass rush on behalf of the Broncos. Early on in the game it was the success of the Ravens on third down that allowed them to control the game even though the Broncos seemed to be moving the ball well. Denver was in need of a big play and in the second quarter the Ravens were happy to oblige. A misread on the punt coverage team would injure Jacoby Jones and put him out of the game. Not much longer after that Flacco would throw his first interception of the game inside his own 30-yard line. Peyton and the Broncos offense would truly start clicking from there after a strike to Julius Thomas. The game was still pretty close and at the half the Ravens led 17-14. The first half had ended and one thing was clear from the start of the second half, Peyton Manning was here to play and was not going to back down. Manning and the Broncos went on to dominate the second half as Peyton went on to throw 5 TD passes in the half. With the 7 TD passes in all he tied an NFL record shared by a number of QB's. Demaryius Thomas, Wes Welker and Julius Thomas, yes, Julius Thomas (Welcome to the NFL kid!) were his favorite targets on the night with each one of them catching 2 TD passes. It was a huge night for Peyton and his toys. A night that will go down in the record books. It seemed early on as though the Ravens controlled the game but a huge turnover by Flacco and poor play from the secondary ended up costing them the game. If there is one thing that I gathered from this game it's that the Ravens are now a passing team. Ray Rice did not seem to have the same impact as he has in the past couple of seasons and although it's the first week I still believe it to be a cause for concern. Flacco did win a Super Bowl last year but it was a loaded team and since he's getting paid as much money as he's getting paid you gotta believe it's gonna be on his shoulders. All in all I thought tonight was Manning vs Flacco more than it was Broncos vs Ravens. Manning clearly came out to prove something and he and the Broncos did. They can carve up a defense like nobody else. Flacco on the other hand proved that he needs a running game and a defense to have a chance to succeed. I may be over-analyzing this thing already but I saw something in Peyton tonight, something that I haven't seen in years and I am pretty sure many of you did as well. The sky could be the limit for Peyton and the Broncos this season with all of the weapons he has at his disposal. The only thing I am sure about is that Opening night was Peyton's night.


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