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Just like in the hit TV show, "My Name Is Earl," I have learned that Karma comes into play in the sports world.  Both negative and positive karma and you, the average fan, help effect that sports karma.  Here are some personal experiences.

This year on Super Sunday, as I was deciding on what to wear to church, I knew it had to be NY Giants colors.  I was pulling for New York as I didn't really want to see the Patriots win and go undefeated.  Plus I have issues with the Pats since they beat my Carolina Panthers in a Superbowl.  I still can't watch the closing seconds of that game with Veniteri kick that game winning field goal.  Sorry for the digression.  I went with the blue long sleeve shirt, red sweater vest and khaki colored pants.  I thought to myself that the only thing missing from this positive Giants karma was a Giants hat and headset and I could blend in on the sideline.  Even after we got home, I couldn't let myself do anything Patriots related.  Since I had a Colts Superbowl shirt from last year, I put that on.  I thought since the Colts and Pats are rivals in the AFC, that by wearing that shirt would actually be pro Giants.  I couldn't change clothes until after Superbowl 42 (that's XXLII for you football purists).    It must have worked because the Giants pulled it out.  It was more than the Eli to Tyree pass.  It was karma. 

I have a personal rule at my house that on race day, I hoist a race related flag.  It rotates mainly between Jimmie Johnson and Jeff Gordon.  Last year, it seemed as though whichever driver's flag was up, that driver didn't do well but the other did.  As the season progressed, I had to deploy "opposite karma."  Whichever driver I felt needed a better run that week, I would put up the other driver's flag.  It worked for awhile until karma caught on to what I was doing.  I was really pulling for Gordon to get that fifth championship, so I put up his flag during the chase.  Jeff did well, but Jimmie did better.  Race flag karma was close, but I couldn't quite help Jeff pull off that championship. 

I can't even take the flag down during the race as that causes negative karma.  Case in point was this past Sunday during the Daytona 500.  The weather forecast was for some rain to move in after the race was over.  However, my wife who came back from shopping during the race said it looked like rain and the wind was kicking up pretty bad.  I felt I had to take the flag down because of that.  I even told her that if I did that something bad would happen.  Just prior to that Jeff was reporting some handling issues.  Shortly after taking the flag down, Jeff reported a bad wheel vibration and he ended up going to the garage to fix a problem.  Negative karma reared it's ugly head once again. 

The week prior to our local high school playing any kind of sport against our rival, I cannot wear any of the rival's colors (black & gold).  If I do, bad things happen.  I have to stick to anything but but black and gold. 

There was nothing I could do this past fall to help out Notre Dame's football team.  I wore an "ND" hat on Saturdays to no avail.  Even my ND t-shirt didn't help.  The combo deal couldn't pull off any positives. 

Being an Indiana Hoosier basketball fan living in the South we rarely received a broadcast of their games a few years ago.  When they were on, I did my best to watch.  When I would tune in for the opening tip, they would do well for a few minutes then begin to falter.  I flipped channels and came back to see them doing well.  I would continue to watch, then they would begin to backslide and do poorly.  I found out that I couldn't watch them play.  Everytime I switched to the broadcast and began to watch, they would lose a lead.  I had to tune to a channel to see an in game score alert so I wouldn't bring my negative karma on the Hoosiers.  I had to take one for the team and not watch them play on tv that season. 

In conclusion, how does sports karma effect you and your teams?  Did you even realize that you are having an effect on how your teams do?   


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