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7:40 PM:  WHY THE HELL IS SABOURIN PLAYING? Conklin has been playing extremely well the last couple games - I know Sabourin played well in Montreal the last time he played there, but C'MON!!!!!! This is why I don't like Therrien.  I hope this doesn't come back to bite us; either tonight or in the near future by stopping Conklin's momentum.

 7:46PM: GOALLLL.  Malkin's passing was on point this shift.  Traffic blocked the goaltender's view and the couple deflections got the Pens the all-important first goal!  How silent the crowd is now.

7:53: Nice defensive play by Gonchar...if only he would do that day in and day out

8:08: Ruutu is on fire.  2nd goal in his last 3 games.  That puck had eyes! 2-0 Pens!

End of the First period with goals by Whitney and Ruutu.  Overall, it was a high-flying, action packed first period.  Let's hope the Pens keep up the momentum in the 2nd period

 8:34 - Out hustled to the end line, Koivu puts Montreal on the board and the crowd has come back to life after the fight and now the goal.  No shut out tonight for Sabourin

8:37 - Montreal seems to be sustaining the momentum they have built this period and are flying up and down the ice.  I hope we can hold the off.  Powerplay unit for the Pens might be able to silence the crowd and thwart this momentum shift

8:39 - 10 straight games with a powerplay goal. 4 straight seasons with 20 goals for Malone.  Huge PP goal coming at the perfect time.  3-1 Pens

8:57 - a late second period power play goal puts Montreal down only 1.  Kovalev was given way to much time to set up that goal.  Lets get out of this period at least on top

End of the Second Period with a goal added by Malone.  He has been having a great year and as a Pittsburgh native, he's one of my favorite Pens.

9:18 - well thats about the worst way to start the third period.  All the momentum is on the Canadians side, this could get ugly

9:22 - what I feared - the Habs are jumping all over us 4-3 Habs

9:33 - How many homer things can Bob Errey say in one night?  That goal was not a kicking motions - get over it Bob.

9:35 - Malkin for MVP.  Usually poor in breakaway situations, he took a great pass and finished 5 hole to extend his point lead and to tie it up!

9:39 - How quick momentum can change - great shot by Gonchar - congrats on his 600th career point.  Let's hope the Pens can hold on to this lead.

9:55 - Game over, Final: Pens 5 Canadians 4.  Pens are tied atop of the Eastern Conference and the Atlantic

What an exciting game to watch.  The pace of this game was up and down lightning quick for almost the entire game.  The Pens out shot the Canadians which is a surprising feat for these Pens.  For as bad as the Pens were outplayed in the second period, they outplayed the Canadians in the third.  My 3 stars

3. Sergei Gonchar

2. Ryan Whitney

1. Evgeni Malkin


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