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Howdy FanNation readers! I know. It's been nearly a month since the last HYS blog. But as part of an effort to get the giggles rolling again at the Lighter Side I'm going to make this thing a weekly blog again. So if you have any dorky quotes or idiots you'd like to shame for the entire community, just FM me the quote and link.

 Play date with Traffic. Awww.

Now on to the grand prize winner (no real prize except a sense of satisfaction): 

17) Traffic just called, and it wants you to come play with it.

1) Let us Pray the The Throwdowners Prayer Lord, please pray for the soul of this newbie and guide my pi mp hand and make it strong Lord, so that s/he might learn a newbie's place. Amen."
I'm telling CCC you stole his Gimmick as well.

Super Pymp Slap 

2) Wow! Arguing for a WWE Character (that's right a Character in a fake sport) in a UFC specific TD...
3) Spurs - any "sport" that allows Vince McMahon to determine who the champ is, is not a SPORT. How is the championship determined? by Vince not in the ring.

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4) Remember Cowboy Bob Orton? Now THAT was an Orton I can get behind.

5) Does it smell like idiots in here, or is it just me?

That Idiot Stink 

6) Someone call a doctor....I'm curious if permanent idiocy is a real medical condition and if so, is there a cure?

7) If not, do we need to donate money or start a fundraiser to raise money for research?

8) I would love to see a cure in my lifetime for:

Permanent Idiocy

9) We can even come up with little ribbons for awareness. Any ideas for what color they should be?

Bono no sure 

10) Maybe we could get Bono to put on a concert to raise money or something.

11) I have the phone number we can use 1-800-IAIDIOT

12) We can even come up with bracelets for everyone to wear with No More Idiocy written on them

13) All you Orton fans are alike. Give Cena some credit!

14) Cena is not an Idiot. Your an idiot. WWE is sports entertainment! Take out the enterainment and you got you self a sport! Get it

 15) Cena may not be an idiot but you are for thinking WWE CHARACTERS belong on a sports site.

16) The characters are very athletic but WWE is not a SPORT, you have to leave the entertainment portion of it there. Calm down, I'm just messing with you

18) You may be messing with me but you are making yourself look silly.

Idiot Short Bus 

19) Attention. Attention please. Will the two passengers who voted for Duo please report to their assigned seats? The Idiot Bus is about to depart.

20) Problem is Porkins, even if you tell them their assigned seats I don't think they would still be able to find their seats let alone the bus.

21) Question: are you afraid of being eaten by bears in Manhattan? I don't think I've seen a WNBA supporter on this site. This is FanNation, not Quasi-sport-like-substanceNation

22) LOL. I can see it now, "internet blogger maimed by screaming mob!" and then in the article, "it seems that the entire fan base of the WNBA descended upon a middle-aged, over weight, white male today, striking him with purses and kicking him in the groin. both suspects have been arrested....

WNBA fans 

23) Hey, I'm not overweight.... Yeah, I don't need 2 more people voting against me in TDs.

24) Great, now comes the backlash from the soccer, NHL and NASCAR fans against me.
I guess I'll get my canadian quarters, zamboni and a toothbrush ready to fight them off!

25) Come on. No fan of the WNBA carries a purse...too feminine. But they do carry man-bags.

26) For the most part they are harmless, but they're arsenal usually consists of shotguns loaded with gravel, tree branches, mini vans full of snowballs, name-calling, and buckets of tobacco spit….and that's just the female NASCAR fans.

27) Great, now I'm making enemies of the WNBA, NASCAR, soccer, NHL and females in general.  I'm never going to win another TD again! Will someone please shut me up?

28) I am the NMI GOD! Only I can revoke my status..... wait, based on some of the stuff I've done today, I should consider it.

29) This TD puts the -pid in stpid.

30) Your allergies to capitalization and correct spelling must be tough. witty comment ended up applying to both sides.

Achoo Kitty 

31) Wow - I think I know what Fox's next show should be.....
Can you spell better than a 5th Grader?

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32) Newbies - not just for breakfast anymore. A great way to improve your TD record while improving your commenting skills at the same time. Everyone should have at least 1 newbie a day.

33) Although the Fannation Recommended Daily Serving of Newbie is 3. I find that if I have more than 4 newbies a day, it keeps me up all night with bad heartburn so I suggest sticking to less than 3 newbies.

Pepto for Newbie Heartburn 

34) I think Porkins is out buying a Newbie Stick - the perfect accessory for beating newbies.

35) Oh, I'm reading. Stowe's antics always help me through the tough parts of the afternoon.
Anyhoo, I hate just waiting around. What's the point? Maybe he's inventing a time machine to try to find out if he's right.

36) He did invent a time machine, but it turned out to be just a really crappy watch

Timex Machine 

37) New from NewbieCom, a division of Idiots, Inc.- The Predictomatic Time Machine! Zoom into future! Find out if your ridiculous claims come to pass! Amaze your friends!

38) It dices, it slices, it juliennes and causes you to lose TDs.

39) You can even cut a tin with it! A look at the magic it works on your leaderboard position!

40) Wow, I'm totally doing a Don Pardo voice in my head right now:

All for the low low price of 1 dollar and 30 IQ points it comes with the bonus TD arguments of Enough Said and because I said so. And for an additional 45 IQ Points, you get the Homers Guide to Losing TDs and the Homers Guide for Voting on TDs


41) End of commercial....tune in tomorrow at the same time for another infomercial brought to you by Idiots Inc. These commercials are replayed on every channel of Fannation, all-day every-day. QVC is going to pick us up for sure. The Insomniac Idiot Market is untapped!

Billy Mays HYS

Here's Your Sign FanNation. Vote for your favorites. Hope this brightened your weekend! 



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