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Nickb23 - Holland has arrived!

It appears as one window opens, another always seems to close. That is the life of a Dallas die hard.

It all started for me in the 90's. A young kid who loved sports and statlines. I didn't realize how easily your team could break your heart. Then the Cowboys had to become a dynasty. That is when I was introduced to the greatness of championships. But as quickly as that window opened, it was slammed shut with authority. The Cowboys have not won a playoff games in over ten years. When they lost to the Giants I was crushed. Patrick Crayton leap frogged Roy Williams to the top of my list. Four mistakes in one playoff game after you just resigned. What a choke. Thankful outside of my sports love, I am a very lucky man with a great wife and daughter(Landri, after the great coach). So I moved on. But, wow I did not realize when I fell for sports at such a young age that it could hurt you so much. The fact is the Cowboys window is now open but, for how long I don't know.

After the Cowboys window shut in the 90's we were given another much smaller opputunity. The Texas Rangers went to the playoff 3 times in a 4 year span. That may seem like very little to some(and it is.) But it was our one chance to enjoy the greatness that is playoff baseball. Unfortunately we were faced with the charge of beating the mighty Yankees. They happened to win the world series all three of these years. They also beat the Rangers in 9 of 10 playoff games. We had no chance, but it nonetheless was our oppurtunity. I choose to not let the Rangers break my heart every year. Not that I don't care, I just have absolutely no expectations. I watch the games, enjoy the young prospects while they are still here and complain about Tom Hicks. What else can I do, he got rid of Doug Melvin, who has built a good young team in Miwaukee and seems to have no interest in winning. He only cares about the bottom line. So all I can do is root for the Rangers and root against the Yankees come October.

Their is that other team that did bring a title. The Dallas Stars. Nothing against the Stars or hockey. My love for sports was their before they Stars came to town. So the only interst they get from me is in the playoffs. Even then it is very mild interest. But, as the Rangers window was shutting they did bring us one championship in '99. I was a bartender and after work we all watched the winning game from a bar in town. It was awesome, even as a mediocre hockey fan. I really got into the playoffs the next year. That was the year the lost in the stanley cup finals to the Devils. I watched and was pretty unhappy with the loss, but not near the anger I get with the big three sports franschises. Since then they have been a playoff team but not much else. They have lost in the first round for three straight years. Marty Turco(goalie) was quiet impressive in the playoffs last year. Right now they are the second best team in the west with some very good rising stars. The fact is until Turco wins a playoff series, they are nothing more than a good regular season team. If he can get over this hump, we may be in for a great summer. We shall see.

The one team that no one ever thought would have a window of chance is the Dallas Mavericks. But thanks to Mark Cuban and some great moves by Don Nelson, the Mavs have kept us afloat through the tough football times in our great metroplex. The Mavs were once the laughing stock of the NBA. 10 Straight playoff less seasons. They won a combined 24 games in back to back seasons. WOW!! The Don made the call of getting Dirk here. Not many were on board, another overrated foreigner, many thought. Thanks to that move we have been to the playoffs for 7 straight years and the infusion of foreign talent in the NBA has taken off. Sad to say the Dallas Mavericks broke my heart in 2006, they lost a series that they had in the palm of their hands. The lost to the hands of Dwayne Wade with a little help from the refs. Not blaming the refs, just saying alot of fantom fouls in that series. Last year hurt less, but was more pathetic they lost in the first round after having one of the greatest regular season ever. I hate to say this, but a big part of me thinks that are best chance with this team is behind us.

The Jason Kidd trade does not make us better than our competition, it only makes us older. I can't help but look around the West and see what is their is to offer for challengers. The Lakers have Kobe, Bynum and Pau. The Jazz have Boozer, Deron and great role players. The Hornets have CP3, Tyson, and West. The Rockets have T- Mac and Yao. The Warriors have Baron, Jackson, and Ellis among others. The Spurs have Manu and Tony even with duncan getting older. Portland has a great young nucleaus and are adding oden and fernandez next year. Even the Suns who went old have Amare and Barbosa to build around after Nash and o'Neal comeoff the books. I am not as confident with the Mavs. Kidd is old, Terry is old and really has no position. Howard seems to be getting worse, as he has fallen in love with the jump shoot. Dirk is great but has shown he can not be the man. I hate to say it but, has our window closed. I pray I am wrong. I hope Kidd infuses something and lights a fire under some of these guys. If not we have no picks and no point guard of the future. But their is always the great NFL offseason, which begins Friday.

The Cowboys window is wide open right now. As a Dallas die hard, I sure hope the Mavs and Stars can say the same thing. We will find out soon enough. But in those sports it take more than just making the playoffs since so many do. as for the Rangers all I can say is. Sell Tom Sell!!


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