Time to have a look a the pluses, the minuses and the interesting!


  • Jameis Winston:  possibly the only guy that can ensure that Johnny Football doesn't have a repeat performance for the Heisman.
  • The "U" wants its due:  The Hurricanes' win over the Gators puts all the schools on notice that they are back and can be a threat to any team that comes to town.
  • The Wildcats are for real:  Northwestern's eviceration of Syracuse has made the Big 10 a crowded house of contenders.
  • Beware the Wolverines:  Adding to that crowded house in the Big 10 are the Michigan Wolverines, who showed in prime time that Notre Dame's quest to return to the national championship game won't be an easy one.
  • The Cougars dine on Trojans:  That seat at USC is getting even hotter for Lane Kiffin, confirming that coaching an NCAA football team is nothing like coaching an NFL team.  See Dave Wannstedt.
  • The Illini fight the Bearcats and KO them:  Illinois hammered the Cincinnati Bearcats, making them look rather ordinary.


  • Contenders no more:  Steve Spurrier's SC Gamecocks went chicken on the Georgia Bulldogs.  Not to say that Georgia is no contender, but all the hype surrounding the Gamecocks are just blowing away like dust.
  • Hilltoppers toppled:  Let's be honest here.  WKU's program is in the process of finding their way into the next level.  Needless to say, the first year of a new plan is never an easy one.  I'm sure there is still a lot of work to be done.
  • The 'Horns stampede themselves:  Yes, we are dealing with an experienced team in the BYU Cougars, but there were greater expectations for the Longhorns.  They only let it slip from between their fingers and laid a huge egg for everyone to see.


  • The weekend was fraught with some seriously one-sided fist fights (see Robot Chicken).  I mean Arizona State going to town on Sacramento State was virtually guaranteed win day.  Maybe it should have been guaranteed shutout day, right FIU and Tennesse Tech?  Interesting?  Curious, really.
  • The Duke Blue Devils are now 2-0 and we're not talking about basketball.  Not that they can pull a Florida Gators or anything and it is early to be talking about a bowl game right now, but it is interesting, nonetheless.  Expectations aren't high, but only time can tell.  Hey, I don't want to jinx them!


So that's the PMI for week 2.  Now for the games I'm looking at this coming weekend:

  • UCF vs. Penn State:  Potential BCS buster, but not counting on it.
  • Vanderbilt vs SC:  Vanderbilt could pull an upset here
  • Washington vs. Illinois:  I'm thinking Illy could knock the Huskies silly.
  • Tennesse vs Oregon:  Unless Stanford has something to say about it, The Ducks could confirm themselves to be major contenders to be in Pasadena, but not for the Rose Bowl.
  • Alabama vs. Texas A&M:  Will Johnny Football be able to hold off the Tide or will he "run out of time"?

 To say the least, it was a boring weekend.  Definitely looking forward to the next one!


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