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The Stack is back with a slightly shorter post today, but there are certainly a few stories making headlines so let's get right to it and see what made "the stack" for today, Wednesday, September 11:

Suh fined $100K

Detroit Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh has avoided a suspension for his low hit on Minnesota Vikings center John Sullivan.  However, the league has fined him $100 thousand, the highest amount for an onfield incident.  The league botched this one.  While Sullivan avoided serious injury, the fact that it was Suh makes the play that much worse.  He's a dirty player.  He kicked Houston Texans quarterback Matt Schaub in the groin last year on Thanksgiving.  The Thanksgiving before he stomped on Evan Dietrich-Smith of the Green Bay Packers.  He was suspended two games for that incident and fined only $30,000 for the (doy!) groing kick to Schaub.  It would seem that if the league is serious about the health of its players that when someone goes low you would want to make sure to do something that deters other players from doing it in the future.  And if that player has a history that precedes him with dirty plays such as this, you would think that that would be the grounds for a suspension.  Suh should have been suspended for two, maybe four games.  The NFL didn't feel that way and they're wrong.  I am willing to venture a guess that most people outside of Detroit feel that Suh should have been suspended.  It will be sooner than later most likely that Suh does something else that makes us talk and it won't be anything good.


U.S.A clinches World Cup berth

Team USA is headed back to the World Cup.  The team clinched a berth in the 2014 event with their 2-0 win over Mexico in Columbus, Ohio, last night combined with Honduras and Panama coming to a 2-2 draw.   Landon Donovan and Eddie Johnson eached scored a goal in the second half.  Congrats to team USA.  Mexico is in trouble.  They are on the outside looking in at the World Cup and they have a lot of work to do if they want to make it.  Otherwise there are a lot of angry people in Mexico who will demand change to the futbol operations and it will happen.


OK State players paid under Les Miles

Oklahoma State football players reportedly got paid during the Les Miles era according to Sports Illustrated.  It's an article worth reading, but are we really all that surprised that a college football institution paid its players?  This has happened before and it will continue to happen so long as the schools don't get caught.  OK State got caught, but Miles was head coach at OK State from 2001-2004.  It has taken a while to find this out.  Doesn't seem like a huge deal since it was over ten years ago.  Not saying its not important, but the NCAA is such a joke right now that something like this that happened a decade ago seems irrelevant now.  The only reason this is big is that Miles is the current head coach at LSU so special attention will now shift to LSU to see if these types of things are happening within the football program there.  Doubt they are, but it may be worth checking into now.


Before I go, with today being September 11, it is important that we all take a moment to remember what happened that day and to say a prayer for those who lost their lives and those whose lives will never be the same.  The horrific events of September 11 will never be forgotten.  To those who were directly effected, we are thinking of you today.

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