Notes from the North

Despite a 10-6 record last week, I managed to score a respectable 101 points in our pool. That's what you get when you weight the games well.

This week, the World's Worst Football Picks are full of fear and loathing: how many pick'em games can you put into one week? Holy Cow, there are lot of tough calls this week, made even more difficult by the fact that some upper tier teams under-performed in Week 1 while some teams we're used to picking against actually played well.

So here goes:

Pats over the Jets: The underperforming Patriots take on a Jests team that surprised last week. But New England isn't about to take a stupid penalty in the waning seconds to give New York the win. (1)

Atlanta to beat St. Louis: A tough call. I think the Falcons are smarting a bit after last week and they're at home. St. Louis... I am still figuring out how strong the Rams really are. (12)

Baltimore to beat Cleveland: Yeah, it's time for the Ravens' rejuvenated defense to show some pride after last week's whipping. And the Browns are a fairly easy target for their ire. (16)

Buffalo over Carolina: I always shudder when I pick my Bills. But they played a solid game against New England and are playing in front of that loud Rich Stadium crowd. (2)

Chicago to beat Minnesota: Not so sure here. But Marc Trestman is a good coach and that first-week win has got to have his players believing in him and his systems. (3)

Green Bay over Washington: Two quality teams coming off tough losses in Week 1. I'm still not sure RGIII is 100% and Green Bay is at home. (6)

Houston to beat Tennessee: The Texans are for real. The Texans are for real. Until I hear otherwise, of course... (15)

Indy over Miami: This one will be close and I'm not entirely confident in my pick. (11)

Kansas City to beat Dallas: I really like Alex Smith in that Chief offence. And I don't think Dallas has the team to be consistently good. If the Giants hadn't handed them the game last week... (4)

Philly over San Diego: The stat is out there: the last four teams to play Philadelphia in the Eagles' home opener went on to win the Super Bowl that year. Expect that wierd streak to end this year. The Chargers are just not that good and they don't have the defence to stop Vick in Chip Kelly's offence. (14)

New Orleans over Tampa: I really want TB to be good. But, even then, I don't think they're as good as the Saints this year. (7)

Detroit to beat Arizona: I have no faith in Detroit. Still, I just can't force myself to pick the Cards. (5)

Denver over the Giants: There are so many intangibles at work in this game that it's hard to pick. But I'll go with the hotter quarterback. (8)

Oakland to beat Jacksonville: No comment. (13)

San Fran over Seattle: Don't tell me the 'Niners aren't primed to avenge those losses from last year. Seattle is very, very good but I think the emotional edge goes to San Fran here. (9)

Cincinnatti to beat Pittsburgh: I'd like to believe the Steelers have enough pride to make a game of this one after the thrashing they took last week. But that decimated offensive line might make pride meaningless. (10)


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