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The Denver Broncos have very good skilled positions we just need to start using them more, like Brandon Marshall although he had over 100 rec. and 1325 yards we should have started him from day 1 becuase Javon is so fragile, and its all about me, me, me with him. In the Draft we need a speedy reciever, like Desean Jackson to utilize jay cutler's rocket arm, and we also need a good fast strongside linebacker or MLB and we are looking at shaun rodgers at DT so if we focus on those positions we could easily go 11-5 next year. everyone thinks the Broncos dont have enough offense or a tough enough defense to get in the playoffs but we do we just need to learn how to use them and stop using that weak zone we were playing for the past year, because dre bly and champ bailey are best in man coverage so is our linebackers. we work on that and we will be pretty good next year. Jay Cutler is our franchise quarterback he is no bust i can tell you that now, and for anybody that has any negatives to say. Take this is in. He is THE ONLY rookie to throw two touchdowns a game in his first four starts, not Marino, Elway, Favre, Brady, Rothlisberger, Manning, or anybody else did that. He could work on his preperation and watch more film on opponents, but he is still learning. Also another fun fact Jay Cutler has beat every quarterback in his draft class, some recognizable names, Tavaris Jackson, Vince Young, Matt Leinhart. So take that into effect. They also clocked his arm in at roughly 98 mph as i can remember in the Green Bay game and his release time, is just fractions of time off of Dan Marino and John Elways, so he has the talent and the skills to be a winner and good competitor. As for our best offensive player right now, Brandon Marshall he is destined to be great and in the pro bowl in 08 if he has the season he did this year it is still a weird to me how he did not make it to the pro bowl this year. Marshall will be our big guy in the middle of the field taking short passes and turning them into big gains because of how physical and agile he is. He probably will comand double team coverage from some teams next year and that will open up more receivers like if we draft a speedy guy, getting him on one on one coverage will be great because if he can get a couple steps on the reciever we can have a good one two punch in 08 with reciever.


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