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The big question for me and alot of Denver Fans out there is our we going to get a safety, DT, or DE in the first round i personally would like to see kenny phillips taken in the first round by Denver for a couple reasons. He is fast, smart, physical, and he plays the pass, and run better than anybody in college right now. Safeties are often taken for granted, we have always had one very good safety in our lineup, wheter it be Steve Atwater from the 98 super bowl champion Broncos or recently Jonh Lynch but we have not really had two big factors at safety in our recent years and a good example of how much Denver is lacking at safety, is we played our nickle corner Dominique Foxworth at SS, and FS this year. So we need some Depth at Safety and with the addition of Kenny Phillips, we would be one of the better teams at safety. Also Hamza Abdullah is pretty decent at safety, but thier is just one problem he lunges at people instead of tackling them, that may work for John Lynch alot but not for an inexperienced Safety. Even though he has problems tackling though he did take the starting postition away from Nick Fergueson and he is kind of a hard-hitting safety.

On the other hand Denver has bigger problems than safety believe it or not, we need to evaluate or Defensive line, Elvis Dumerville was a beast this seaon getting 12.5 sacks and 4 forced fumbles, and Jarvis Moss even though got injured showed us what he can do and even stopped the run pretty well, and we also have Ebenzar Ekuban back, and hard working John Engelberger so DE is not a big priority. We could use another young player to help Elvis because he does not like starting so many games. On the other hand we were abysmal at our DT performance with Sam Adams and Alvin Mckinley,in my opinion they were jokes and we desperatly need a DT more than any other position, we should be willing to pay Shaun Rogers a big paycheck if he plays at his top performance for us. In the Draft we could be looking to trade up like we have done the past two years to get better talent, like Glenn Dorsey, he was a standout DT because he is very physical and can stop the run and rush the passer.

 The Broncos also could use help at Linebacker and with Champ bailey's younger brother Boss Bailey being availible thie season we should take a look at him. Also Lance Briggs is available. But in the draft we could pick up Dan Conner with our 12th pick without having to trade up. The only downside to him is that i heard that he may not have the physical talent, but he is very instictive and he is smart and can make plays so that makes up for it.

Another need for us is a Wideout we need a fast reciever who can stretch the field and can get big plays off screen passes and alows for jay cutler to use him rocket arm and deep throw accuracy. With the additon of Desean Jackson  in the draft we could better or wide reciever game. with big and physical in brandon marshall, and small, fast, and agile in Desean Jackson. The only negative though about Desean is that he is to light and can be easily pressed at the line of scrimage, because alot of corners in the afc are big and physical. But all around he is really good and he is also a threat at returning kicks with 5 for touchdowns at Cal. 

Our last problem i saved for last because it is our biggest, offensive line, becasue if we do not protect Jay Cutler he will get hurt. With the recently retired Matt Lepsis, and our aging O-line we need major help fast. Flozell Adams will be ready for free agency and it would not suprise me if we took a look at him. also Alan Faneca from the Steelers will be ready for free agency, he would be a great addition after recently making the probowl. In the 2008 draft the Broncos could take a look at Ryan Clady.

In summary from what i am seeing around the net in mock drafts the majority of them has us taking Kenny Phillips as our first round pick, because of how old we are getting back thier.


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