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Playoffs are approaching and we have tight races in both conferences. Which is why I am telling you RIGHT NOW how its gonna end up. Eastern Conference 1. Boston Celtics- The most dominant team in the Eastern Conference does not roll over the competition like earlier this year, but they still cling on to the #1 seed. 2. Detroit Pistons- They made a statement by demolishing Phoenix yesterday, and have a lot of experience. I cannot see them fading down the stretch or passing up Boston. 3. Orlando Magic- Dwight Howard & Co cruise to the #3 seed for a few reasons: they play in the weakest diviion in the NBA, they have the big fella to dish it to, and right now they have a lot of confidence. 4. Cleveland Cavaliers- The trade to receive Wallace, Sczerbiak, and West will not be as successful as planned, especially because Wallace is a bum, but they will beat out Toronto in a close one due to LeBron. 5. Toronto Raptors- Their many consistent players will give them enough consistency to keep the fifth seed, but their lack of a star player (Bosh is not a star player) hurts them down the stretch. 6. New Jersey Nets- Them trading Kidd away was a good move in my opinion. Now they have an influx of young talent, especially Devin Harris, to help out Jefferson and Carter. 7. Washington Wizards- They will continue to be just an average team. Until Gilbert Arenas comes back, they will have to survive with Caron Butler as their main scorer. 8. Chicago Bulls- This team's playoff race experience along with new additions Gooden and Hughes propel them to the #8 seed in a close one over the Hawks. Gordon and Deng are healthy and back to old form. Western Conference 1. Dallas Mavericks- The addition of Jason Kidd helps them greatly. They have surrounded Dirk with so many quality players, that this team will turn into the force it was last year. 2. Los Angeles Lakers- Kobe and Gasol continue to form one of the best 1-2 punches in the league, but I do not see them keeping the #1 seed. 3. Phoenix Suns- Their fast-paced attck continues to work wonders, and Shaq and Amare down low give them the best pair of big men in the league. With Nash feeding them the ball, this team will be force to be reckoned with. 4. Utah Jazz- They have been on fire for the last month, and will continue to be a steady team. They will win their weak division mainly due to Williams and Boozer wreaking havoc. 5. Houston Rockets- They are on an 8 game winning streak and are rising fast in the standings. Rafer Alston is playing like an All-Star, Scola and Landry are steady, and T-Mac and Yao can score at will. 6. San Antonio Spurs- The great dynasty has too much experience to flounder in the race. Parker and Duncan are consistently All-Star level players, and Ginobili is on a HUGE scoring streak. 7. New Orleans Hornets- Chris Paul has led this high-powered team to a great record. I have worries if they can keep it up with other such great team in their conference. I think Paul's playmaking ability and Chandler's rebounding will be enough for a #7 seed. 8. Denver Nuggets- Iverson and Carmelo lead a great scoring offense, but the porous defense crumbles when they play the offensive forces listed above. Enough O for a #8 seed. Playoffs 1. Celtics over 8. Bulls- Star power too much for Bulls; Garnett has great series. 2. Pistons over 7. Wizards- Pistons dominate mediocre Wiz in 5 games. 6. Nets over 3. Magic- In a huge upset, the Nets reel off some great games. 4. Cavs over 5. Raptors- In a 7 game series, the Raptors play well but cant stop LeBron. 1. Mavs over 8. Nuggets- In a high-scoring series, the Mavs prove too much for the Nuggets. 2. Lakers over 7. Hornets- Lakers dominate with Big 3 of Kobe, Pau, and Odom. 6. Spurs over 3. Suns- In 7, the Spurs do it again, winning with scary consistency. 5. Rockets over 4. Jazz- T-Mac and Yao lead the Rockets in a tight series over the Jazz. 1. Celtics over 4. Cavs- Three superstars are greater than one, Cavs never have chance. 2. Pistons over 6. Nets- Pistons squeak this series out in 7; Nets put up a good fight. 5. Rockets over 1. Mavs- Landry and Scola shut down Dirk; No one can stop Yao on Dallas. 2. Lakers over 6. Spurs- In 7, Lakers pull it out despite mainly due to Kobe. 1. Celtics over 2. Pistons- In 7, an epic series is won by the more talented Celtics. 2. Lakers over 5. Rockets- Kobe puts on a great performance; Rockets magical run over. Celtics over Lakers- In a great series Garnett outplays Gasol, Pierce outplays Odom, Allen hits his share of threes, and Kobe cant win games by himself.


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