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Here is the beggining of an era of interviews that I hope lasts for a long time.Much interest was expressed and you will all get your turn.If anyone is still interested in being interviewed you can contact me to ask for a spot.There is already a ten person wait.And the hemogoblin is next.


Here we have our first interview with a great,kind,active,devoted member of Fannation.At 13 years old he has shown that you don't have to be old to be wise.His current record is 111-93-11 in tds showing he is a good tder.He leaves many positive,and insightful comments all over Fannation.Over 3800 of them.And I can honestly say he is one of my best friends on the site.





Welcome to Cincy's segment,I'm your host Cincy,or as my friends like to call me the young Bob Costas.JK.I hope everyone enjoys.


C:So Dyhard,what brought you to fannation initially?

D:My uncle told me about the truth and rumors part,and I decided to get an account

C:Can you say anyone on Fannation mentored you?

D:D-Fan and Krobe

(D-Fan if you're reading,.......Marco)

C:What do you think is the biggest issue on fannation?

D:Um,I don't know.I really don't know.

C:What annoys you most about Fannation members?

D:Members that make stupid homer based tds like the New York Knicks are the best.

C:Me too,LOL.What do you see in your fannation future?

D:A lot of good things like even better tds and better blogs.

Next topic


D:Conservative Republican

C:If you were old enough to vote who would you vote for in the upcoming election?


C:Me too,any other political views?

D:Well I saw one picture on the internet about Obama and that when they were singing the national anthem,and everyone had their hands on their hearts,he didn't face the flag and didn't do anything.I didn't think think that someone who did that was worthy of being president.


Next topic

C:I know you like the bucks(NBA),what are your current views and concerns involving them?

D:I think they don't give 100% and that Michael Redd and Dan Gadzurik need to go.The bucks need to actually play some defense and just restart their franchise over.

C:And what about the flurry of trades in the NBA recently?

D:I think that most of the trades that happened helped one team more than the other,except the Cavs,bulls and sonics.I liked the trades,my favorite was the Jason Kidd trade.

C:Who do you think will be in the NBA finals?

D:Lakers and Celtics

Next topic

C:On to the good stuff,MLBWhat do you think about your brewers?

D:The Brewers look like a good team and they have great young talent.The pitching is good,Ben Sheets needs to stay healthy.The offensive side to the brewers is good also.They have good power and good contact hitters and they should score a lot of runs.Ned Yost (a lot of people don't agree with me on this)is a good manager and he is showing that he can lead young players to winning a division.The brewers are going to be a threat in the NL central.

C:Man what about my reds?

D:I think the reds are looking good with the upgrade  at closer(Francisco Cordero) and manager (Dusty Baker)The reds are going to come in 4th in the division,but look for them to really improve from last year and challenge the cardinals for 3rd place in the division.

C:Wooohooo!possibly 4th!

D:Yeah,with those upgrades,4th or maybe even 3rd.

C:Any other thoughts on MLB?

D:I'm really anxious for the MLB season to start and I can't believe that it is going so slow.Plus I'm tired of hearing about the steroids and stuff

Next topic

C:On to football,your thoughts on Brett Favre(Pack fan)

D:I think he is a good player and I think he is the greatest QB ever.He still has one more year left,and possibly,if he is lucky,two.

C:What do you think are the packers draft needs?

D:CB because they are getting older.

C:What about Al Harris?Any other positions?

D:Al Harris is a good position,but they are going to need someone to fill in Woodson's position.He is getting old and is getting more injuries.

C:Any more thoughts on the NFL?

D:There are a lot of good players in the upcoming draft and I'm looking forward to what all the NFL teams do in it.

C:Thank you for your time dyhard

D:No,thank you for your time,you seem like a young Bob Costas.











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