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Hi everyone. A while back, my name was Paddy26*BS broke arm again. People asked me about that, and, well, here is the whole story. It was an essay I wrote for school too, and it is being entered in a contest to win a trip to the 2008 MLB All-Star game. Fingers crossed. This is a story of overcoming a barrier. This is a story of persistance and determination to achieve a goal. This is a true story about never giving up. It all started on a late October day at my friend???s house. I had been thinking of the upcoming basketball season. I was never a star player, and I usually only saw time during blowouts. I decided that I???d give it my all that year, and hopefully even start. Anyway, my friends and I were sitting around inside. One of my friends proposed that we play football outside. We all agreed. About a half an hour into the game, I received the ball and started to run. I was running full speed when I tripped over one of the neighbor???s tree???s roots. I lost balance, but I was still flying. Out of control, I looked up to see where I was. I saw my friend???s house and realized I was about to crash into it head on. In the split second I had, I stuck out my left arm to shield myself. The next thing I knew, I was looking at my deformed arm, pacing in circles, and saying, ???I broke my arm! I broke my arm!??? An ambulance came, and I got a sling. My dad drove me to the emergency room, where I found out I would need a cast for six weeks and a splint for another two. ???That???s two months of basketball!??? I thought. The season came. My coaches told me they were sorry, and told me to work on shooting with one hand. Every practice, it killed me having to watch my teammates play while I was restrained to the sideline. I kept working though, until I could make fifteen out of twenty free throws one handed. After two miserable months, I could finally play again. My left arm was still weak, and I play largely with one hand. My first game back was an eventful one. My team jumped out to a huge lead, and my coaches decided to put me in. I was playing point guard when a teammate passed me the ball. An opposing player tipped the pass though, and he and I raced after it. He pulled ahead of me, and I tripped over his foot. I fell hard on my left arm. I attempted to get up when the pain set in. I lay there in tears, muttering, ???Not again..... not again.....??? My mom drove me to the emergency room. There, I got bad news; it was fractured. I would miss four more weeks. It was back to shooting one handed again. I had to work and persist to improve my shot. Finally, I could play again. I was told to take it easy. My first game back, I didn???t play at all. I think the coaches wanted to play it safe. A few days later, we had a home game. We were getting blown out, and with three minutes left in the fourth quarter, I was put in. I was very nervous, and I just didn???t want to get hurt. On our team???s first possession with me in, I passed it off. My teammate passed it back to me. I found myself wide open with the ball behind the three point line. I took the shot, and it was a swish. The crowd went crazy. I was so happy, it was unreal. A few possessions later, my teammate passed it to me again. I was at the same spot as last time, wide open. I took the shot. Swish. The crowd exploded. I went on to start the next game, and I had a great season. Through injury and disappointment, I achieved my goal. This story proves that through persistance and determination, you can achieve your goals.


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