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Last week, a number of FanNation members started to get sick of all the Spygate threads. It seemed that every day, a rewrite of the story from the day before magically appeared as a new thread. People were complaining and griping about how they were sick of the same old story and until there was anything new, to please go back to publishing stories about Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson. Or at least show us T.O. crying again !
I patiently explained that basically, FanNation is a free site. It's revenue (such as it is) is made from advertising. Companies pay to place their ads on FN's pages. As with any smart company, you want your ad to reach as many people as possible. So, advertisers look at reports that detail page counts, page views, post counts, entrance points (where on the web or site did you come from), exit points (where did you go next) etc. Even though the Spygate threads generally veered way off topic somewhere around page 7, the post count by 5pm was well over 1000. Occassionally, it would reach 1500. That's a lot of posts. Advertisers drool about that. It would be considered the most popular place to place an ad.
So, in order to keep those counts up, another Spygate thread would appear the next day. Well, a decision was made to try and get rid of the daily rewrite of the same news, so a plan was born. The next day, we all became soccer fans. Now, the typical soccer thread may get as many as 20 posts in a day on a good day. We hijacked it. We wanted to see if the post count went above 1000, how would the marketing people handle it? Well we topped 1700 posts. The following day, on an American Football thread, the "related blog posts" and "related news" links were all to soccer blogs or news articles. I think we proved our point. Not a single Spygate thread since. Now of course, since I wrote this, I fully expect a Spygate thread tomorrow, just to say "Na na na na na! Busted !".

So this week in FanNation continues -

Top comment made on the last edition of This Week on FanNation !

mmmm...cupcakes...Why does the mention of cupcakes suddenly make me want to go find the most popular soccer posting on here and profess my love for their cakey goodness?? - Steelercooz

Winner of the best comment last week was Ferrell1 with her caption of Ocho Cinco and "I'm a Little Teapot" (to view the blog if you missed it, go here)

This weeks nominee(s) for Caption of the Week are:

"she has the best personality...and the biggest smile...."

"Who cares about the article? Hey SI - can you send me the photo for my screen saver?"

This weeks nominees for best (or worst) post/statement are :

1. "I will never concede," the magazine's Web site quoted Hank Steinbrenner saying of his club's battle with its American League East rival. "They've got a lot of talent, and you've done very well the last few years, but let me put it this way: I don't think you guys wanted to play us in the ALCS. So I will concede nothing. I think we're better than you." (Steinbrenner was responding to a question from a reporter who admitted to being a Red Sox fan. On a stupidity scale, this reaches way above the 10 mark. Yeah George, we didn't want to play you in the ALCS so THAT'S why you lost. Red Sox nation has been wondering why!)

2.  Naomi = "I Moan" backwards. (discussion about Naomi Campbell)

3. All this jealousy about Texas. Sorry that all of you can't live in the Utopia we call Texas. So sorry. Ah, fresh air. Open space. Real barbeque and steaks. Yes, the good life.

4. Half my child hood in East Texas, the other in the West.........I was screwed either way......

5. This comment hurts my good eye, the lazy one just looks away.

6. Last summer, I got drunk at a friends house and found out the subtle, yet very important difference between peeing in the pool and peeing into the pool.

7. before i leave, let me remind you of something.....
your argument loses some of its impact because everybody on this site knows that you bought a really nice tv THAT YOU CAN'T WATCH BECAUSE YOUR CABLE SUX!

8. i kid because ....i live far away and you can't hit me.

9. Ok i have to go for a little while work calls, plus i got a turtle head that would choke a donkey, I fell like im dialated 8 cm.

10. hmm, don't know, last time I seen calves like those, had a blue ribbon around their neck...

Honorable Mention : "The first recorded episode of mass cheating in NE was when we all hid behind rocks in our regular clothes and shot at the british who were all dressed in red and marched thru the fields in straight rows... hey we didn't know they were practicing at the time. We had a different interpretation of the rules of war"

Top Responses to posts :

1. Original : "Oh yeah, and who wants a fling with Toby Keith?"
    Response : "Jake Gyllenhall, maybe?"

2. Original : "Do they have Quiznos in Hell?"
   Response1 : "hear they are getting a taco bell in the food court"

   Response2 : "Well, the buns are toasted."

3. Original : "Not too long ago, concerned about the spread of rabies, the Chinese government sent armed gangs around who beat to death any dog they came across.
Chinese communism is a terrible, evil thing.
 Response : "micheal vick is a commie?"

4. Original : "Do you people ever stay on topic?"

Reponse : "No. We tackle necrophilia next"
Bonus Response to the response :"The urge to crack open a cold one?"

5. Original : "Last week we got 5 1/2 inches in less than 6 hours. It was a record. "
Response : "thats what she said."

6. Original : "Jimmy Carter is a Saint".
   Reponse:   "I thought he was a Falcon"

On "the" now Infamous Soccer thread

(How is this fun again?)

7. Original : "I still refuse to watch a game that last 670 hours and at the end of all that the score is 2-1.......".
 Response :  "Or my favorite...Nil-Nil."

8. "Why does the clock in soccer run UP instead of DOWN? That's what I don't understand."

Response : "Because you put it on the wall upside down"

9.Original " if it's the end of the world....i'm hooking up with debbie Clemens"
   Response "Good choice if you want to misremember that the end of the world is coming."

10. "will let it die, some things just don't need to be discussed in a sports forum"
      Response : "Yeah, like sports."

And so it goes. If you're sitting at your desk, bored to tears and wondering, can my job possibly get any more boring? Go find the T & R with the highest post count. Ignore the subject of the article. Noone is talking about it anyway.You won't glean any valuable knowledge about the thread topic, but for sure, you'll get a chuckle or two. Vote for your favorite and remember, you never know when you'll end up being spotlighted on This Week on FanNation! Have a great week.


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