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Hi everyone!!!!

I love our Lakers and its so cool to have them back on top again. After the last three years all our rivals and their fans were doggin us out and laughin but now thats all done with. Were gonna win the bling this year and im not afraid of any team so bring it!!! I know it cant happen but i wuld luv to take out Pheonix, Dallas and SanAntonio rite in a row, then Boston or Detroit in the finals. We would take any of the best teams to seven games right now and could beat any of them. When Baby B comes back at center it will be sick how kick ass we are!

Best part is, this wont be a one n done. With the talent and age of our guys, we will be winning tons of bling for the next 6 years. If the Lakz can keep good players around Baby B after Kobe retires, watch out NBA cuz this will go on forever!! All our old western friends like the Spurs, Pheonix and Dallas are getting old and need to get used to getting kicked to the curb by the Lakz cuz its only gonna get worst as Kidd, Nash and Duncan leave. Even Boston(ewwww) in a couple years will be at the bottom where they belong when Garnett and Allen are all old and slow. Detroit to will be fading. Lookin ahead, I see Portland as our main rivals over the next decade. Thats kinda cool cuz they were a big rival during Shaqs years. It will be def to beat them again with our new dynasty. Ogden will be good but Baby B is more athletic, better offensively and gonna lead us big time to lots of bling.

Do you guys want payback on Detroit in the finals or beat on forever Laker haters Celtics? My dad is a huge Lakers fan and hes showed me all those super cool tapes of the 80's Laker-Celts nba championships when Magic took it from Bird, yah! Just watchin that old school rivalry makes me want to my first Lakers-Celtic championship. We hate them, and they hate us and I would love to watch the Lakes piss off Boston again! 

I do remember us losing to Detroit with our old, broke down team and i sooo hated to watch that. Beating Detroit in the finals would be mad fun too.

Does anyone hate Luke Walton like i do? Everytime he comes into the game its like gag me time. I have never seen a dude miss soooo many shots from 12 feet and in(including layups). When he makes one im like totally surprised. I know Phil loves him cuz he picked up the triangle fast, but that doesnt make him a good player, it just means he learned the triange fast. For such a smart dude, he makes bad passes. Can't defend or hit the boards hard and isnt very athletic. I read that next year the Lakz will have to trim some of the players cuz of being way over the salary cap. I hope Luke is the first to go so i dont have to scream everytime he misses an easy shot next year. Luke is just so lame.

Its a Laker world and the other teams are just livin in it!!! GO LAKERS!!!!

Anyway, thanx everyone who reads this and hope you have a fun day!!!




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