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I'm a day late but yesterday I blogged in the Sports Gamers group, and i don't like blogging more than once a day. So this is my 3rd addition of NCAAM power rankings, Cheez style. There were a lot of position jumps, so where did everyone move? Well just scroll down a bit more....little more....perfect:



1) Tennessee (Actual Ranking: 1, Last Week Power Ranking: 2)- Well they were number 2 on my PR last week, and they beat the number 1 team on my PR (Memphis), so it's not rocket science they would land here. They did great against their undefeated rival, Memphis, in their #1 vs. #2 showdown. Expect them to stay up here for a while.

2) North Carolina (AR: 3, LWPR: 3)- The Tar Heels keep moving up my list. They won two games since my 2nd edition of rankings was released, and unless they get upset, they shouldn't really move until (hopefully) they get beat (by my Duke Blue Devils). Ooops, that wasn't supposed to get posted...

3) UCLA (AR: 4, LWPR: 8)-  Somehow they made a 5 place jump in this list, and the Bruins are in another good position: they just had 2 wins in the past week and their remaining 4 games are against teams they either blown out or won by about 10 points (which isn't a blow out to some people) against. They shouldn't get upset, but things happen (see College Football 2007-2008: The Year of the Upset).

4) Memphis (AR: 2, LWPR: 1)- It's as simple as this: they were perfect, and they lost. It wasn't a huge upset (because when you're number one any loss is an upset), but it was a loss. It could be worse, they could be the New England Patriots of college basketball, losing game #1 in the game that counts the most. But they are where they are on my rankings right now.

5) Duke (AR: 7, LWPR: 4)- They dropped two straight last week, but have seemed to find their stride again, winning 2 in a row. Their next to games are against teams who previously lost to the Blue Devils this year by 20+ points, and then they play at home against the North Carolina Tar Heels to finish off the regular season. But don't try to find that game on TV; it never gets any hype at all.

6) Texas (AR: 5, LWPR: 7)- An 8 game winning streak really puts you somewhere on the power rankings. I'm sure it's not as high as some people want, but hey, this is my blog-so make your own. :-). But they are doing good, and they shouldn't move down.

7) Xavier (AR: 9, LWPR: Unranked)- They are riding a powerful 10 game winning streak, and with 3 games left, they have a good road to drive. Their next two opponents have already been beaten by the Musketeers, and their last game against Richmond is a Did-Not-Play-Yet game.

8) Kansas (AR: 6, LWPR: 5)- They're 2-2 in their last four and a win in their last game against ISU keeps them from dropping out. They could drop out next week though: next game is a game they lost earlier in the year.

9) Stanford (AR: 8, LWPR: 9)- Not too much over the past week; only a 10 point win over Cal. Their remaining schedule is a 9 point loss (UCLA), an overtime win (WSU), an 6 point win (USC), and a blowout (UW). So things aren't looking guarenteed for the Cardinal's season wrap-up.

10) Wisconsin (AR: 10, LWPR: 10)- A four game winning streak including a win over Ohio State has the Badgers rounding off my Week 3 Power Rankings. They are in a 3-way tie for the Big Ten lead, and they have 2 previous wins and a no-play to go as the season ends.

Good? Bad? Surprised? Mistakes? Errors? Comments? Questions? Thinking of what else I can ask? Put'em down there in the comments. Thanks.


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