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Another exciting Sunday of NFL action.  So many close games going right down to the wire.  Picks weren't great, but we'll have the official standings tomorrow.  The Stack is here to talk about it all so let's get right to it and recap Sunday's week 2 NFL action in "the stack" for today, Monday, September, 16:

Atlanta Falcons 31  St. Louis Rams 24

Julio Jones certainly didn't look like he was questionable coming into the game.  What a performance.  The Falcons have some concerns though. They let the Rams back in the game when they didn't need to and running back Steven Jackson lef the game with an injury.  They should be ok though.


Batimore Ravens 14 Cleveland Browns 6

To everyone that had to watch this game...sorry.  The Ravens may have won, but they do not look good early in the season.  There is a lot they need to work on if they want to return to the playoffs and defend their Super Bowl championship.


Buffalo Bills 24 Carolina Panthers 23

This was not a great game, but it was a great finish.  Looked like Carolina had this game won with an interception, but a penalty negated that and EJ Manuel got a signature first win for coach Doug Marrone and himself when he found Steve Johnson in the end zone for the win.  Yet another game in which the Panthers had a lead in the fourth quarter only to lose the game.  Another one like this will cost head coach Ron Rivera his job.


Chicago Bears 31 Minnesota Vikings 30

Where to begin with this game?  It had everything!  Special teams TDs and miscues.  Defensive touchdowns and a classic comeback victory by Jay Cutler finding new tight end Martellus Bennett for the game-winning touchdown.  Already this season, Cutler and hte Bears have two come-from-behind victories.  That's both good and bad.  The Vikings have to absolutely be sick at how this game ended.  They'll look back at this game if they miss they narrowly miss out on the playoffs.


Green Bay Packers 38 Washington Redskins 20

Aaron Rodgers is truly amazing.  He wass a fantasy football owner's dream come true (as I can attest to).  With no run game, all of the pressure is squarely on the Packers' quarterbacks shoulders and he delivered.  The Redskins are in a lot of trouble.  RGIII looks rusty and they are getting off to some absolutely terrible starts.  If they don't win next week, their season may be on the brink of going south permanently.


Houston Texans 30  Tennessee Titans  24

Once again, the Texans were in full comeback mode in the fourth quarter and they pulledit out once again.  It has to be a little concerning to them that they are having these issues early in games.  They need to figure it out and fast.  Arian Foster has been fairly quiet this season, but that may change because he has to be frustrated with his role so far through two weeks.  For the Titans, pretty good showing through two weeks on the road.  They may be a factor in the AFC South before everything is said and done.


Miami Dolphins 24 Indianapolis Colts 20

In the battle of two 2012 first round NFL draft picks, Ryan Tannehill got the better of Andrew LuckMike Wallace was much more involved after complaining about the gameplan last week.  Dolphins are on the verge of something here.  The Colts have to find some more defense and better protect Luck or they'll be in some trouble as the season continues.


Kansas City Chiefs 17 Dallas Cowboys 16

What happened to the Cowboys game plan to run the ball?  DeMarco Murray didn't get a lot of carries, but he didn't do much with those carries.  That's a lot of pressure on Tony Romo, but when you get paid like he did in the offseason, you need to play well.  The Cowboys did not apart from Dez Bryant who put on his big boy pants and had 141 yards and a touchdown.  The Chiefs defense played great and the team has now equaled their win total from last year.  Plenty of good things ahead in KC.


San Diego Chargers 33 Philadelphia Eagles 30

Here's the shocker of the day.  The Chargers, coming off of a short week, flying cross country to play an early kickoff game against the offense that has the entire NFL talking, punched the Eagles in the mouth and got out of Philly with a big win.  Philip Rivers was tremendous.  He seems so much more comfortable than he did last year.  The Eagles don't need to worry about their offense.  It's the defense that will hold this team back this year.  And it looks like it might.  Terrific gameplan by the Chargers.


Arizona Cardinals 25 Detroit Lions 21

With Reggie Bush out of the lineup after he suffered an injury, the Lions offense suffered. Not nearly as explosive or threatening.  The Cardinals played tough the entire sixty minutes.  Good first win for head coach Bruce Arians.  They have a legitimate offense this year.  That can only make Cardinals fans smile.


New Orleanas Saints 16 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 14

Weather was the store in this one.  An hour and nine minute lightning delay.  When it was all said and done, Tampa Bay made one too many mistakes and Drew Brees led an efficient last minute drive to get the Saints in field goal range.  They didn't look great in this game, but they did enough to get the job done and imporve to 2-0.


Denver Broncos 41 New York Giants 23

Peyton 3, Eli 0.  That's the tally after Peyton Manning won the third Mannng Bowl.  It wasn't so much that Peyton played outstanding, but moreso how bad Eli played.  The Giants have zero running game and Eli threw a couple of  bad interceptions.  Their defense hasn't been that impressive and they've committed ten turnovers so far this season.  Not quite time to push the panic button in NYC, but it's close.  Denver meanwhile looks really, really, good apart from their undesciplined play from time to time.


Oakland Raiders 19 Jacksonville Jaguars 9

Congratulations to the Jaguars who scored their first offensive points of the season.  And they've also gotten a good hold of the number one overall draft pick in next year's draft.  The Raiders aren't very good, but they've got perhaps the quarterback of the future in Terrelle Pryor.  He is exciting.


Seattle Seahawks 29 San Francisco 49ers 3

One of the fiercest rivalries in the NFL was anything but last night.  The Seahawks took it to the 49ers last night in a game that like the Saints and Buc s was delayed an hour  by lightning.  The crowd was loud and electric.  Russell Wilson wasn't great, but he didn't need to be.  Marshawn Lynch was in full beast mode and that defense was after Colin Kaepernick all night long.  Big win the Sehawks.  The 49ers have to be dazed a little bit after their win last week against Green Bay.


Pittsburgh Steelers @ Cincinnati Bengals 8:40 PM ET ESPN

The Steelers looked bad last week and have suffered some pretty significant injuries.  The Bengals are ticked that they let one in Chicago get away from them (Minnesota can sympathize).  In the end, the Bengals are the better team and one of these two has to start out the year 0-2 just like the Browns.  

Prediction: Bengals 20 Steelers 10


Coming up Tuesday: MNF reaction, college football thoughts and NFL power rankings







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