One of the major stories over the past few years in the NFL has been the safety of the players and the amount of caution taken to make sure players aren't getting absolutely destroyed in the head. I think this is a great move by the NFL, because it lengthens players' careers and it doesn't discourage younger players from playing football at a young age. But one of the things that really bugs me is the accidental or inadvertent helmet-to-helmet hits. And to take it another step further, the crazy blows to the head where players are getting injured but there are no flags thrown. Players are getting fined by the NFL on some of these plays but they aren't getting flagged for them. I will save that for later. Right now, my main concern is the accidental helmet-to-helmet hits on defenseless players. For example, yesterday in Tampa Bay, the New Orleans Saints are playing the Bucs. Drew Brees is scrambling around in the pocket and he ends up getting drilled by the Bucs' Adrian Clayborn and forcing a fumble. On that play, Brees is looking up field when he gets hit by Clayborn. Clayborn, in my opinion, has a textbook tackle where he leads with his shoulder and the top of his helmet hits the face mask of Drew Brees. Was Clayborn leading with his helmet and trying to hit Brees in the helmet? I would bet a lot of money that he wasn't. It bothers me that great plays like this one result in the exact opposite. What could have been 1st and 10 for the Bucs inside the Saints territory, ended up being a 15 yard gain and a 1st down for the Saints; a huge change in the game!! What is the defense supposed to do? There are other plays were the offense lowers their head when they have the ball. What is the defense supposed to do in that situation? Let them pass and not hit them? What is the point of the helmet if we can't hit players in the head? Believe me, I accept the rule that we shouldn't be leading with our helmets or hit the other players in the helmet, but as the rule stands right now, ANY helmet to helmet contact or blow to the head is a penalty. That includes accidental helmet to helmet contact. Rodney Harrison made a great point on NBC last night saying that the player with the ball should be down once he begins to lower his head before he's about to get hit. If a defensive player isn't allowed to lead with the head, than the offensive player shouldn't either. If that can't be a rule, than lets make it a judgement call. Pass interference is already a judgement call as well as many other penalties in the league. Why not make this a judgement call as well? My other point is the exact opposite. In the Chargers last second win yesterday, Malcom Floyd appeared to have a serious neck injury. Although he appears to be doing much better after being taken to the hospital for tests, he WAS lying on the field for about 10 minutes. Floyd was going over the middle to catch a pass from Charger's QB, Phillip Rivers. As he was catching the ball, Floyd gets hit by Eagles defensive players Nate Allen and Demeco Ryans. Floyd went down with an apparent neck injury, however the Eagles weren't flagged for any personal foul call. This play however, looked much worse than the hit Adrian Clayborn laid on Drew Brees. What bugs me though, is the fact that one or both of the Eagles players will get fined even though they didn't get flagged for a penalty. Numerous times we have seen this happen and I'm sure I don't need to share all of the times we've seen players get fined without getting a penalty. Why is that? Yes, there are NFL officials that get to look at these plays more in-depth, but how is it that on some plays, the defense gets penalized for an accidental hit but on others, players are getting injured and the defense isn't getting penalized but fined. I think we can all agree that over the past few years, the NFL has begun to stand for the "No Fun League". That really is in relation to celebrations and things of that nature. But if these kinds of penalties keep up, we'll begin to call it the "Not Fundemental League", because some of these hits that players are laying on the offense are textbook tackles, they just happen to hit the helmet as well. The offense, by default, has had so much more of an advantage over the defense for the past couple years, because the league is taking away the defense's rights as players. If I've said it once I've said it 1000 times, I understand that the league is trying to become a much safer place to play in, but when players are tackling the way they were taught in pee wee or in high school football, it not only confuses them but frustrates them. The NFL is heading in the right direction, but is taking the long way to get there.
September 16, 2013  04:11 PM ET

Paragraphs.. this might have been a good post.. but break it up

September 16, 2013  04:30 PM ET

ok dumb question, but how do you do that lol? I tried putting them in paragraphs but I couldn't get it to save like that.

September 16, 2013  05:10 PM ET

ok dumb question, but how do you do that lol? I tried putting them in paragraphs but I couldn't get it to save like that.

You should be able to.. go to your post and on the header click on 'edit post/blog'.. scroll down to where you want to paragraph and then hit 'shift - enter'.. should work


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