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Wisconsin Death Trip
Due to my military service injuries, and other explainable circumstances, it's come to my attention (via VA doctors) that I am going blind. It may happen in the next 6 months...or may happen in 5 years...they don't know. Normally this happens to individuals in their 70's or 80's, but with my "closed head trauma" head injury history, it can happen much sooner, like now. I've been a member here on SI since 1997 (if I REMEMBER when I bought a Sony VAIO home PC at Ft. Lewis WA. PX. I got on the internet via a 56K Modem (OMG!!!), and hooked up with sports fans everywhere! Oh, I've played with computers since 1975...(played my first online game of Star Trek then!!!), but before 1997, online was just starting to get going. make a long and boring story end, I've been here at FanNation from the start offering various "Avatars" from the beginning like "DEVO, The MYTH, and now Wisconsin Death Trip" to name a few (probably over 20 different at least since 1997). I would just like to say thanx to my friends and ENEMIES (Trolls) over the past 15+ years here, and all I can say is if I ever OFFENDED anyone, or screwed up an editorial, I open-ally apologize to those I afflicted.....LMAO! God Bless, and live long and prosper! -DEVO
September 17, 2013  04:04 PM ET

Take care everyone, and have a great NFL season! GO PACKERS!!!

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September 20, 2013  03:28 PM ET

There was this aero plane over the Atlantic on its way to New York, and it was full of men from the United Nations. So halfway over the ocean the engines run low on petrol. So they have to lighten the plane. So they heave out all the baggage, but it's still too heavy. So they chuck out all the seats, but it's still too heavy. Finally, this Frog, he steps up, shouts 'Vive la France', and leaps out. Then an Englishman, he steps up, shouts 'God save the Queen', and he leaps out. But the plane is still too heavy. So the Yank delegate, from Texas, he steps up, shouts: 'Remember the Alamo', and chucks out the Mexican!

Whenever I come across An American Werewolf in London, I will think of you.

November 16, 2013  08:11 PM ET

Hey WISC...Domer here. I read your blog above and am touched brother. Hang in there and know regardless you are a legend on these boards! Take and sorry it took me so long to read this until now.

January 29, 2014  11:24 PM ET

WDT - I've been out of touch for quite a while - so long that I don't even know if you can read this or are still active on the FN site. But wherever you are and whatever you condition, you will always be able to see your friends with special vision - and they will always be able to see you.


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