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The future of football concerns me. I think it's going to end. Not soon, but sometime in the future, the game that you and I both love will cease to exist in its current form. No doubt the form that will succeed it will be wildly popular, but only in the same way that pop music today is wildly popular compared to old time rock N roll. We all know rock N roll was better, but Britney Spears sells, and that's all that matters. The marketing mechanisms that move the NFL to #1 every Sunday and made Super Bowl Sunday a verified National Holiday are unstoppable. That doesn't mean that true football fans are going to like the final product, and if we don't stop being so brainwashed we'll never know what hit us that afternoon in February 2025 when we all sit down to watch what can only be described in 2013 terms as flag football. You know what I'm talking about...

It's all about the concussion issue. Our society has become so litigious. We've come close to the point of putting an end to all fun, all risk, all chance that is inherent in sporting competitions. Now I'm as sorry as everyone that some Prep football player lost his life due to a collision - but that is by all means an aberration. Thousands of kids play football every year, heck some of them even grow up to be judges, lawyers and even politicians (strike that last one). The point is, playing football and getting knocked around isn't going to produce a Congress of Morons someday (okay, strike that one too). Just wait... football can't be the cause of all stupidity in the USA. Maybe it's just Darwin eliminating from the gene pool that guy who thinks it's safe to go across the middle when the DB has been keying on him all afternoon...

Players getting their heads twisted is as sickening to watch for me as it is for you. I understand that, and I accept the need for improved rules and officiating, as well as teaching the kids at a younger age to tackle properly and safely. But I just wonder how a game that is based on the hit - the violence - will survive into the future when so many lawyers are just licking their chops every time there is an on the field injury. I guess Sunday Night Football will no longer even be highlighting "Big Hits". What are they going to show when you have a terrible ballgame between two teams with little scoring then? "Wow, can't wait to see that replay of the field goal" - Get ready for it, even already in 2013.

Ok guys, let's huddle and talk pro-biotics. Just kidding. I'm sitting here drinking a Lagunitas Little Sumpin' Sumpin' Ale. Haven't really tried one of these before, I'm pretty sure. It's got a chick on the label, but it's 7.5% ABV. I would definitely say it's better tasting and has less "sweet" flavor than their regular IPA has. They continue to put out good beer after good beer, and Lagunitas is quickly becoming my "Go-to after I can't find Stone" beer.

This group was founded on non-mandatory participation principles, and I absolutely don't want to change that. But I would like to hear more beer talk, either here in the blog threads, or for you members (of the Best Group on Fannation - After Dark) of the group, in the group message board threads. This group was founded by all of us, to talk about the beers we love. Don't let it be just me talking at you. What are you drinking this week? How about this weekend? What 6-pack are you going to treat yourself to this payday? Let us know, I know you want to.

I love those scrunch-butt panties

So, you know, have fun and drink good beer. And if you drink a good beer, feel free to let us know.

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September 19, 2013  12:23 AM ET

Is that an insinuation of duping?


September 19, 2013  12:25 AM ET

Is that an insinuation of duping?

That's what I heard.

September 19, 2013  12:29 AM ET

BTW: I completely agree about Lagunitas. Definitely a go-to. California is putting out some of the best craft brews going right now. Stone, Lagunitas, Ballast Point, Russian River, Bear Republic, Firestone Walker, etc. are all putting out top notch beer.


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