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What up After Darkers? If you're anything like me, you're salivating at yet another weekend of FOOTBALL action. This is my most favorite time of year. The weather outside is cooling down, everyone is a little more relaxed (perhaps because the kiddies are back in school) and football is front and center. Oh sure, baseball is wrapping up and getting dramatic too, and we will touch on that subject too. Just so many wonderful things to talk about. Except Pre-season NHL - why does this even exist? Didn't the Stanley Cup just happen a few weeks ago? I'll readily admit playoff hockey can be fun, but Good lord preseason NHL is completely worthless.

Hey! That's Kate Upton SI!

So the Browns traded Trent Richardson to Indy for a 1st round pick next year, prompting a worldwide exclamation of "Who would give up on the season after just 2 games?" response. Kum-by-ya - now let's hold hands and solve world hunger. I like to read the pundits who say maybe this isn't a one-way trade. I'm sorry, did Joe Montana clone himself and is going to make his clone self draft eligible next year? Andrew Luck was pretty much a known can't miss prospect coming out - and the team picking #1 still refused every trade offer in the universe. RGIII cost the Skins 3 1st round picks - in consecutive years. So the Browns thinking they have trade power is somewhat ridiculous. The Colts first rounder will be far toward the middle to late first round. And the draft itself is a crapshoot - and don't give me the Jadaveon Clowney argument. He has yet to impress this season, and besides, the Jags are making a beeline toward him, for good or bad. #unconvincedheismorethanaonehitwonder

Andy Petite announced his 2nd retirement. When he first retired, I was firmly convinced he was not a HOF pitcher. Now that he's boosted his win total over 250, and retained his 3.86 ERA, I'm not as sure. He was super steady in the postseason (although granted pitchers today have far more opportunities than yesteryear's did). He will always have the stigma that once (that he will admit) he used HGH. But he never struck me as a roider anyway - that distinction belongs much more to his buddy Clemons who essentially resurrected a fading career with PEDs. No, Petite was just steady and consistent his entire career. Not a HOFer still, but hats off Andy Petite, you were dang good.

Seriously, does no one in college football play defense? I admit, I don't watch a ton of college football. Mostly because I'm not into Arena football played outdoors. It's like when you set the time limits of video game football to the wrong standard. Maybe if NCAAF only played 9 minute quarters, these games would become more realistic. Heck, NCAAB doesn't play as many minutes as NBA does - why should football be any different? We all like scoring yes, but it's just ridiculous when you know that nobody will stop anybody unless the offense is the unit incompetent.

Well I hope you all are drinking good beer tonight. I tried the Lagunitas Little Sumpin WILD last night. OH. MY. GOD. Just blew my socks off. It's a little strange tasting at first. Kinda fruity or something, I couldn't quite place it, but very soon that 8.8% ABV kicks in and you don't care. What are you drinking tonight?

Sweet dreams After Darkers

September 21, 2013  06:50 PM ET

That's so weird that you tried the Lil' Sumpin Wild last night, Sharky. I know another guy who did as well. Must have been a sale or "Sumpin"...

September 21, 2013  06:55 PM ET

And the strange taste comes from Trappist yeast....

September 21, 2013  08:49 PM ET

And the strange taste comes from Trappist yeast....

As in the monks?

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September 23, 2013  08:39 PM ET

This group hasn't been the same since Stelio passed on to the next plane.

He is sorely missed.

September 23, 2013  10:39 PM ET

Oh my!

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September 24, 2013  05:44 AM ET

He's fine. He made an appearance last week. Stop drinking the NA beers and you might notice.

Those NA beers will mess your head up.

September 24, 2013  08:41 PM ET

He's fine. He made an appearance last week. Stop drinking the NA beers and you might notice.

Don't get snooty just because he knew more about sports than you.

That dude could tell you what was going to happen.


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