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Hello this is Cincy and welcome to another interview segment.Hemo is an interesting,smart,smart-elecky guy.I hope you enjoy.

C:Hello Hemo

H:Hello Dr. Phil


H:Aren't you Dr. Phil?


H:Just busting your balls

C:*Sigh*Anway let's start this


C:How did you initially come to Fannation?

H:I used to be an avid Pete McEntegart fan club member(writer of the 10 spot)

C:Would you say anyone mentored you?

H:I've run into small tidbits of advice over time from different people,but no one person reallyshaped my initial experience here.

C:What do you think is the biggest issue on Fannation?


C:Lol,what do you consider your crowning achievement of FN?

H:My crowning achievement has to be getting into SIFS.

Pause for drink of water,Marco,D-Fan,Tracy!

C:Nearly 12000 comments(and counting)how have you accomplished that?

H:Thank you to the night owls.I was only at 1000 before then.Also talking to Tracy has been most of that.

C:What do you see in your FN future?

H:More Night owls,more SIFS,more atroo,less of me.I'm going to start college in June,so there will be less of me to go around.

C:Why did you pick Oregon?

H:Well I've always wanted to go there,it has a great journalism program,it's only 2 hours from where I live now.I have family up there.There was nothing that was going to make me go anywhere else.

C:Ok so you want to be a journalist?What is your dream job?

H:That is my dream job,I love writing,especially sports.I'd eventually like to become a sports  columnist...I dream of around the horn....

C:Who do you compare yourself to on around the horn?(Thinking Mariotti)

H:I think I'm closest to being Toni Reali out of any of them.I'm not as brash as Adande or Mariotti(crap),not as wrong as Plaschke or Woody,not as much of a loser as Cowlishaw,not out of work like KB.I'm not like them much,other than I can argue my points well.

C:On to baseball,hooray!Spring training is here,any thoughts?

H:My thoughts on baseball never change:

What if Ken Griffey Jr. stayed healthy?

I hate Pay-rod

Go mariners

*cough,mariners,*cough*no fans*cough*

C:What about the flurry of trades in the NBA recently?

H:The best of the was the Sea-SA trade that netted the spurs Kurt Thomas.That's right I said it.It will be even better if the spurs get Brent Barry back afterwards.Shaq was a bad move,Gasol was great,and Kidd was a reach.

C:NFL:Thoughts on this offseason's free agency?

H:There was nobody in the class I would have paid.I would have not signed ANYONE in it.

C:Back to baseball,Roger clemens............................GO!

H:Overrated juicer who never won big playoff games.

On to the other stuff

C:Political Party

H:I support Democrats generally,because I have liberal social beliefs,but on economic issues and on defense,I'm dead center.

C:Your vote in '08 would go to?

H:Not would,will.I'll be 18 then.Anyways,it either goes to McCain or Obama,depending on what they have to say.Just not Hillary or Nader.

C:I personally think McCain is the safest choice(safest as in  not throwing us to the terrorists and pulling our troops,unlike McCain)

H:That's good for you,you're 13,what you think about politics is what your parents think.

C:I'm 14.

H:Same difference you're in middle school.

C:But I'm older than dudeman and dyhard.

H:That's like saying "Timothy McVeigh(?) is less of a terrorist than Osama Bin Laden or Abu-Musab-Al Zarqawi.....(Where's Bigalke when you need him?)

C:Moving on.....

C:Who's your best friend on FN?(I already know)

H:Got to be Tracy.....She's just that good.....

C:Knew it

H:She's just that cool.She's like...That cool

C:She's way to coolio


C:Hey what are you doing?

Hemo kicks Cincy in shin"AND STAY OUT!"


"Let me in!"Where do I go?"








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