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"The Randy Moss rumors grew more dire last night, with word that the Packers and maybe even the Cowboys were considering runs at the star free agent receiver and reporting that Moss has grown "frustrated" with the Patriots' lack of movement. Although it still seems to make the most sense for Moss to stay in Foxboro, the money has to work, and right now it doesn't. The five teams most likely to offer the right mix to Moss are the Cowboys, Packers, Steelers, Giants and Saints."

Now we have 5 teams here other than the Patriots looking to accuire Randy Moss. But do any of those teams really need Randy Moss? Or will he just ruin any chemistry between wide recivers and the quarterbacks? Lets take a look at the Packers....


The Packers have a great core of wide recivers. They have Donald Driver, Greg Jennings and James Jones. Driver is an older Veteran that is still a top wide reciver in the league. Jennings last year had a GREAT year and James Jones is a young player that needs more time to devolp and he should be just fine. The Packers have other offensive weapons, like the ever dangerous Ryan Grant and Donald Lee. Basically all that adding Randy Moss to that team would essentially do is wreck any good chemistry that Driver, Jennings, Jones and Favre have devolped.


The Cowboys. They don;t have a big need for Rnady Moss either. They already have Terrell Owens, Patrick Crayton and Terry Glenn when he comes back. Right there you have a very good core of wide recivers. Plus you add the fact that star Tight End Jason Witten is on that team and Marion Barber III They have enough offewnsive weapons. I also don't think that two giant egos (Moss, and Owens) could survive togther on the same team. It would probaley be a train wreck.


The Steelers. Once again they really don't have a need for Randy Moss in the least! Look at who their starting WR's are Santonio Holmes, and Hines Ward. You also have the ever dangerous Willie Parker on your team at running back plus they have a great tight end in Heath Miller. The Steelers should not have any intrest in Moss. They have a great WR core and good team chemistry. They have the weapons also and they just do not need him at all.


The Giants. Here is a team (finally) that sort of needs a super star wide reciver like Moss. Their starting recivers are Plaxico Burress and Amani Toomer. They have Jeremy Shockey at tight end and Brandon Jacobs at tail back. Toomer is an aging veteran that is still good for 5 catches a game. He is a solid Wide reciver. The Giants may just wan't a bit more than that. While i don't think that it is extrem;ey neccesary he would still be a big plus for the Giants.


The Saints. Here is a team that really does need Randy Moss. Lets take a look at the offensive weapons that New Orleans has. Marques Colston and Deuce McAllister. Reggie Bush is a weapon but i just have no faith in him as an NFL player or running back. Colston and McAllister in essiance are the only weapons and Bush. A team needs MORE than that. They have one really good wide reciver. They don't really have a good Tight End at all. The Saints desperatly need another wide reciver. If they don't get on that leaves teams to be able to double team Colston. Moss would be a great addition to the team and is a must for the Saints.


Out of the five teams the teams that need him are the Giants and Saints. The Saints need Moss the most out of those two.


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