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So, I shortened the name. Last time, I made Mission: So Impossible I Don't Know Why I'm Trying, Part .5. If you didn't read it, check it out. I went on NBA Live 07 (yes, the one from last year) and tryed to ressurect the worst team (the Knicks) by simming games in dynasty. This led to 2 or 3 attempts by other FN members, who made some good blogs about their tries too. Anywya, after my season was done I was going to the offseason when the game froze. So I wrote about that season in that blog, and I started a new one. This time the impossible did happen.


First off: Staff signing. I have a good $3+ million budget for staff, so most of my guys are graded A- or higher. *Beep*. I hit my PDA button. A letter from my boss, cool. "I approve of your hirings". Thanks man, I try. Okay, I go through training camp, and now I'm bracing my self for one of the worst seasons the world has ever saw. But boy was I wrong...

If you remember last time, I had the record I had because of 4th quarter losses. This time, I won those 4th quarter battles. So I'm looking to improve my team, and I trade 2 of my players (not really good ones, but okay) for M. Olowakandi (who would be my back-up center behind Eddy Curry) and Joe Johnson (also 2nd string). The trade must've been good because I started winning a few more games, not really big amounts, but you get it.

All-Star break! Steve Francis makes it to the Slam-Dunk Contest, and Quenton Richardson to the 3-Point Shootout. I won the Dunk-off with Francis, and I barely missed the cut in the shoot-out. So the trade deadline is right around the corner. I want one more big trade. I fail twice with Baron Davis, and now I have one more chance before it's too late. I strike a deal with the Wizards. I traded Steve Francis, Olowakondi, and a reserve for a reserve, Antwon Jaminson, and Gilbert Arenas. My new starting lineup was

PG: Gilbert Arenas

SG: Stephon Marbury

SF: Quenton Richardson

PF: Antwon Jaminson

C: Eddy Curry

Not too bad. And neither is my final record. In my FIRST year with the Knicks, I go 49-33 and win a 3rd seed in the playoffs. This record is comparing to their year-before's record of 23-59, actual '06-'07 record of 33-49, and my first try's mark of 35-47. Every thing looked good until....


I go down 3-0 against the 76'ers. I could barely even win a quarter against them, and a sweep was looking like it was real. My team starts winning, getting two games in a row won. Then I in Game 6, I'm tied at halftime. It looks like it will be close, but I end up losing by 17. Just great. So any way in the Eastern Finals #1 Cavs beat the #2 Nets in 7, in the West #1 Suns with a stunning 69-13 record beat the #2 Mavs in 5. The Spurs lost to the Mavs in the series before. In the Finals, the Cavs almost got swept, like in real life, but won a game. Suns won it all.

So in my first blog I put "goals" at the bottom. I think I already beat 2 of them. In Part 2 I'll be done with the Off-Season and Season 2.

How did I do?



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