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Im going to assume that this is the order of the draft: 
Heat, T-Wolves, Grizzlies, SuperSonics, Knicks, Bobcats, Clippers, Bucks, Pacers, Bulls.

Heat- Michael Beasley (Kansas St.)- Miami needs serious help with there team. They need to rebuild and what better way to start then with a big scoring and rebounding threat in Michael Beasley. Beasley can play both foward positions very well, he is about 6-9 to 6-10 so height isint an issue with him. Beasley like i said is an AMAZING player. He avgs. close to 27 PPG and almost 13 RPG. He is a player that could come right out of college and jump right into as a starting foward.

Now look at three stars on the Heat: D-Wade at SG, Marion at either SF or PF and Beasley at either SF or PF. To me that would be a great way to start rebuilding the lost Miami team.

Player comparison: Carmello Anthony

T-Wolves- Derrick Rose (Memphis)- The wolves are in need of help at the guard position. They have a great up coming star in Jefferson but there problem is they need someone that can help him score and get him the ball. Derrick Rose is a player that can help your team in any way. He can score, pass, dribble, and even sometimes rebound. He is used to being on a good team so i think putting him on a team that needs help would really test to see how good of a player is. This would be a great pick for the wolves.

Now look at two stars the wolves would have: A PG that kinda reminds me of Jason Kidd, and Al Jefferson who is young and COULD be the next big thing.

Player Comparison: Jason Kidd


Grizzlies- Brook Lopez (Stanford)- Grizzlies look like a promising team in the future for me. With a good center in Lopez, i think it would be all the better. Lopez is a big presence in any game. Good size at around 7 ft. has great potentiol and would fit in perfectly with the Grizzlies. There team for the future would be a big threat with great potentiol in: Mike Conley at PG, Rudy Gay at SF, and Brook Lopez at C. three young players that could be the next best things. (kinda like the Boston 3 but the younger version)

Player Comparison: ? cound think of anyone (any suggestions)

SuperSonics- Eric Gordon (Indiana)- Seattle is once again a rebuilding team right now. they have a great rising star in Kevin Durant (SF) who has lots of potential. Now imagine Durant and Gordon. Gordon is a player that has an amazing jump shot! he is pretty quick and strong. His only weakness is he is a little bit short for the SG position and needs to work on his passing a little bit.

Player Comparision: reminds me a little bit of Kobe Bryant or D-Wade. (any suggestions)


Knicks- DeAndre Jordan (Texas A&M)- Knicks could really use a big guy and Jordan would work great for them. He fits there style perfectly and the Knicks really need someone to score and rebound for them. He has great size and athleticism, is a great rebounder but 2 things he could use some work on are: 1) post skills- He has the height he just needs to get better at posting up 2) jump shot could improve a little. The thing that stands out the most about him to me is his athleticism and quickness for being a 7 ft. center.

Player Comparision: Dwight Howard


theres the top 5 picks in the draft. heres my last 5 now if your still interested.


Bobcats: Jared Bayless

Clippers: O.J. Mayo

Bucks: Darrell Arthur

Pacers: Russell Westbrook

Bulls: Roy Hibbert


Runners up: DJ Augustine, Kevin Love, Darren Collinson


Hope you liked it?


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