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Thanks to Jeff Gordon of Fox Sports for the great idea, and Baseball World for some of the injuries.


There are many baseball players worldwide, and even more baseball fans. Fans like me look up to MLB players for their strength, courage, and willpower. However, some of the things they go through are downright hilarious. 

I hope that by writing this article I can help you be able to better relate to those that you may idolize.


Ken Griffey Jr. 

He is known as a superstar around the league. However, Griffey has suffered more than his share of rather humiliating injuries. Once, his athletic cup pinched him in such a way to make him miss a game. 

Griffey was also the victim of a broken hand. Sounds manly, right? Wrong. When Griffey was on his yacht, cruising the Bahamas, he was wrestling with his kids. I think he lost that match...


Joel Zumaya

The flame throwing closer is also a flame throwing Guitar Hero player. Or should we say Guitar Hero victim? Although he vehemently denies it, Detroit team doctors think his obsession with the guitar game helped cause his strained forearm.

Zumaya's injuries are not limited to the embarrassing variety. This past off-season Zumaya suffered a shoulder injury while moving items from his parents house while the San Diego wild fires ravaged in the background.


Tom Glavine 

Vomiting isn't a good thing. In fact, it can be very harmful. Tom Glavine actually broke a rib while vomiting on...airplane food.

Yeah, I knew that stuff couldn't be good for you. Actually, Glavine didn't miss any time with his punctured rib, thanks to the modern day pain killer.


Kevin Mitchell 

Mitchell is no stranger to wacky injuries. He also hurt himself while vomiting. He also accidentally got rubbing alcohol and eyewash mixed up. According to rumors, Mitchell also missed a game due to a strained eyelid.

However, more interestingly, Mitchell missed four days due to an emergency root canal. He overheated a simple frozen doughnut, and was severely injured trying to consume the torched item.


There are many more wild injuries, but it would take too long to list them all. Here are lots more, put in simple bullet form.

  • Rich Harden suffered a strained shoulder from turning off his alarm.
  • Sammy Sosa was a victim of violent sneezing.
  • Brett Barberie got chili juice in his eye.
  • Kent Hrbek sprained his ankle while wrestling a clubhouse attendant.
  • Greg Harris flipped too many sunflower seeds in the clubhouse, straining his elbow.
  • Terry Mulholland got in a pillow fight and was hit in the eye with a pillow.
  • Nolan Ryan was bitten by a coyote.
  • Mark Smith got mad at his air conditioner and hurt his hand while striking it.
  • Dwight Gooden got hit in the face with a golf club, swung by a teammate.
  • Brian Anderson burned his cheek while checking to see if the iron was hot.
  • Jeff Judan suffered an infection from a tattoo.
  • Steve Sparks went to a motivational speaker, and tried to imitate him by attempting to tear a phone book in half.
  • Mark Portugal suffered food poisoning from mahi-mahi.
  • Wade Boggs strained his back while pulling on his cowboy boots.
  • Steve Foster hurt his shoulder while doing a segment on Jay Leno involving milk bottles.
  • Bob Feller lost control of his jacuzzi and was scalded by 200 degree water.
  • Paul Moliter got his knuckle dislocated when it got stuck in a glove.

Feel free to research these alleged injuries for yourself, but please tell me what you find in the comment section.


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