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AHNN: Welcome to Around the Fannation

I am a host named Ncshvdavid

and first up we have the redskinmaniac

redskinmaniac: Oh damn, I thought I was on Oprah for a sec. Waddup NCshvDavid?

AHNN: Nadda Mucho there Skin- (checks under chair for gift)

Next up hiya

Hiya: Hibernating, as usual.

AHNN: And on the offstar network- BSchwartz07

Wassup Shwartz?

BSchwartz07: This just in, the 49ers offered me 6 years $40 Million just to watch their games.

AHNN: And finally Dyhard

Dyhard: What up man? I'm ready for this.

(open Show)

AHNN: Ten Topics One winner

Just off the wire Turner just Signed with the Falcons- and I guess he is going to bring them back to stability - is this a money grab or is he really thinking he can win there?

redskinmaniac: I say he probably learned some valuable tips from LT in SD and maybe he'll carry on to Atlanta and do something for that franchise.(1pt) But if Atlanta doesn't have a good OL, Turner's toast.(1pt) The rep of a running back usually depends on the guys making the holes and easy on him.(1pt)

Holes? You expect holes in Atlanta? Does this mean they have to take Long outta Michigan now?

redskinmaniac LQTM, I meant running (MUTE)

AHNN - I don't need that net-Lingo Here


Hiya: This team doesn't seem to be going anywhere... they need to get their act together soon, and Norv better do something about it, rather then getting payed for losing.

AHNN- Well he did win a playoff game- but that's another topic- what about the ATL?

Hiya: Atlanta won't probably get much better(1pt).

Schwartz, get in there-

BSchwartz: I'm not crazy about Atlanta's game plan of cutting half thier (-1) team and then only picking up Turner thus far in the draft(-1).

This move should move them in the direction of Jake Long with thier #1 pick(1pt). That I do like. McFadden may have off field issues and these QB's are garbage(1pt).

If this team can build from the line on up they have a shot in 2-3 years, but in 08? I just don't see it(1pt).


Dyhard: I'm loking for the Falcons to have some success in the draft, but don't look for too much from this team(1pt). They didn't do much in the offseason so far, and I don't see them doing too much.

I'm looking for them to get Jake Long, like Schwartz said, but I'm thinking McFadden might be an option,(1pt) but the problem I see is the offseason trouble.

AHNN: So you still think McFaddin is an option there?

Dyhard: Yes(2pts)

Next up - Roger Clemens might be under investigation from the Feds-

Hiya? Whats next or Roger?

Hiya: He's got a lot of evidence working against him. Now that they pictures and witnesses,(1pt) and Pettitte testifying against him,(1pt) he's pretty much screwed.

BSchwartz: Roger needs to cut ties and just admit it. He lost me when his wife admited to using.(1pt) Save what little face you have, Hiya: Hello? You spe(MUTE)

BSchwartz admit it and let this end.(1pt)

So you are saying BS- Pull a Mark and vanish?

BSchwartz : My thoughts exactly,(1pt) it's one thing to admit this or not, it's another to throw yourself infront of cameras every other day. (1pt)

Of course we won't drop it, you Clemens has to let it go first.

AHNN: Skin?

Redskinmaniac: Ahem. Clemens has pretty much screwed his life with his steroid usage. A major part of sports is the raw talent and atheltic ability of each athlete. (2pts)It's a shame that Clemens felt that he had to go above and beyond and use something that will jeopardize his career as well as reduce his jock-strap size(-1).

But yeah, in a nut shell, he's toast.

AHNN: Dyhard? Is Roger toast- What about his 10 year deal with the Astros?

Dyhard: He is toast. He is not going sign a deal with the Astros. He won't play, and he will play games in jail. He will be busted for perjury.(1pt) He lied to federal gov. about going to Canseco's party (which he did go to)(1pt)

AHNN: Ok Hiya now you can talk

Hiya: What else can I say? He's screwed himself so bad, his reputation is stained forever. (1pt)I'm not sure if he's a HOF lock now...

AHNN: You think this has killed his HOF Skin?

Redskinmaniac: Most definitely. He doesn't deserve to be in the same league of legendary guys that didn't use drugs to exalt their athletic abilities (or at least, most of 'em didn't).(1pt) Besides, he's going to jail anyway;(1pt) his situation is sorta like OJ's - he was one of the bests but he screwed up when he killed his own wife.(MUTE)

AHNN: You are comparing OJ to Roger?

Redskinmaniac: Well, not to that degree, but technically they're both felons so yes, I must say I am(1pt)

AHNN: Harsh but ok

Topic 3

AHNN: Memphis has Dropped to Tenn- tenn to Vandy and all three are up there-

BS is Tenn the new North Carolina?

BSchwartz :  In a word, NO! (2pts) Tenn has not 1 but 2 in state teams to worry about. Also come tourney time teams like Vandy, Miss State, and even Kentucky (1pt)could knock them out of the SEC tourney.

With the ACC on an off year, Tenn would LOVE to be UNC right now.


Hiya: Geez... College Basketball is something I know nothing about. I'll pass, unless you want my opinion to come from my arse.(MUTE)

AHNN: Why would that be any different?


Dyhard: Memphis is #1
North carolina is #2
Tennessee is #3 (MUTE)

AHNN - I understand that but that really is not my question- is Tenn the new North Carolina?

Dyhard: Yes they are. (1pt)

AHNN: Skin?

Redskinmaniac: (no one in Window)

AHNN: Skin?

Redskinmaniac: (MUTE)

AHNN: BS save me here

BSchwartz: People, this is not about "who is the best team" this is about is Tenn starting to "look similar" to a UNC team.

And as I said this is a VERY talented team, (1pt)as far as their play goes, I see Ten as more of a defensive team while UNC will bang the boards.


Dyhard: (MUTE)

AHNN: No one can touch North Carolina


AHNN: Another thing this week is Hank Aaron saying Tiger is the most dominant in history?

He might know a bit about that- do you agree with Hammering hank Dyhard?

Dyhard: Yes I do. Tiger is the most dominante golf player ever. He has so many wins, and he has won, I believe, all the tournaments this year. (1pt)He is a very good player, and he is the best golf has ever seen.

AHNN: Hiya- Not just the Golf but all sport? You agree?

Hiya: C'mon, of course he's one of the best! If you look at any other sport, there's a couple of players contending for top dog. (1pt)In golf, he's on another atmosphere, let alone on another level. (1pt)He's still pretty young, and will shatter many records.

AHNN: Well BS?

BSchwartz: Well, I think this WILL be a fact, but is isn't currently.(1pt) Until he actually has the most wins in PGA history Until then Jack Nicholas is the best golfer in history.

No doubt Tiger WILL pass him, but lets throw the parade then, what do you say?

AHNN-- What about Anderson Silva?- He just CRUSHED a guy Saturday- is he not dominant? Skin? (mute)

Ok Hiya?

Hiya: Yep.

Beasley states that in the NBA his life will be public - but in College - he can be a normal guy- even tosses a shot at LeBron-

I'm looking for someone to buy Beasley as a Soph?

Hiya? - no wait Skin is Back

Skin: I hadda go (MUTE)

AHNN: No one cares

Hiya: Try the Washington Wizards. I have no clue.

AHNN: That was random- Skin? Back to you

Redskinmaniac: (MUTE)

Dyhard what you got?

Dyhard: I'm not buying him. I'm selling him.(1pt) Anyone who throws shots at LeBron is not good.

BSchwartz: I'm selling Beasley as a Soph, remember Sean May telling us he would come back. Or Durant making similar comments that he would be happier in school.

The closer you get to draft day the more those zeros start adding up in your head.(2pts)

And I'm also not buying that this guy live a "normal life" at K State.

 AHNN: Next up: Derek Anderson Signed with the Browns

You Buying Derek being QB1 at the end of the year BS

BSchwartz: I am going to SELL this. Anderson had a couple of good games and got paid. (1pt)He only completed around 54% of his passes, very Mike Vick completion numbers.

Add to that I see his 19 INT's and poor performance at the end of the season when they needed him.(1pt) The Browns are making moves to win, and if they don't it will fall on Anderson.

AHNN: Hiya?

Hiya: HORN

AHNN: With That I'm going to close this first show- I see BS in the Lead

You got 300 Spots BS - use them wisely

BSchwartz: With everyone running up to the highest bidder this year in free agency, as well as a TON of non play making Safeties out there John Lynch took a MAJOR pay cut to stay where he and his family are happy. In my eyes this guy has put himself in Broncos' immortality. Don't see nearly enough of that.

AHNN: Thanks to my gunny pigs and next week we will have 4 players and a bit more organised.



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